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B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

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Most of the time the stuff I read on Isometrics, Fitness and Weight Loss is either wrong or just dead boring. This isn’t the case here. Each one of these is short and to the point, packed with the highest researched information and the best tips and techniques taken form my experience training hundreds of people and helping them reach their goals.

Every article has been laid out in its own section in a specific order. One essay and guide flows into the next picking up where the last left off and introducing new concepts or explaining something mentioned in the last one in more detail. Read through them in sequence, or skip to whatever takes your interest. Spend time here learning the most advanced and efficient principals and techniques to transform your body.

Isometric Articles

Ab Exercises - Tight Toned Waists and Sculpted Six Packs – In the office, in the car, anywhere you want and in 30 seconds

Arm Exercise - Bulging Biceps, Toned Triceps and Firm Forearms in Just a Few Minutes

Isometric Exercise Arnold Schwarzenegger and Isometrics - Did the Austrian Oak use Isometrics to Chisel his Champion Physique?

Back Exercise - Believe it – in a few minutes your back will be bristling with power and strength

Benefits of Isometric Strength Training for Women - Get Toned, Lean and Healthy in Seconds

Bruce Lee Isometric Exercise - The Secret Behind the Power of the Dragon?

Can Isometrics Fix A Bad Back - Isometric Training FAQ 16 

Charles Atlas and Isometrics - The World’s Most Perfect Man never taught them

Chest Exercises - In just a few minutes from now your chest is going to be stronger, more toned, and you’ll have more energy coursing through your whole body! 

Do Not Buy a BullyXtreme - Why I Do Not Recommend, Endorse or Affiliate with BullyXtreme 

Exercise - Your One Stop Resource for Exercise Guides 

Flabby Arm Exercise - A sure fire way to tone and tighten the chicken wings in record time 

How Many Isometric Sets - Isometric-Training FAQ 1

Isometric Article Suggestions and Site Comments - By You

Isometric Contraction - How your body builds muscle, burns fat and more in just seven seconds. 

Isometrics in the Office - Five Minutes is All You Need to Improve Your Fitness and Strengthen, Sharpen Your Mind, Boost Your Energy and Make You More Productive 

Isometric Exercise - Sculpt Your Body Without Weights. 

Isometric Fraud - Imitation is the highest form of flattery 

Isometric Seniors Exercise - Can Movement-less Exercise Really be the Key to Increased Everyday Activity? 

Isometric Strength Training Exercises for Women - The Key to a Tight Toned Body

Isometric Strength Training Frequency for Women - You Don't Need to Train Much to Look Amazing

Isometric Training - The Scientifically Proven Method to Getting Fit in the Fastest Time Possible 

Isometric Training Frequency Doubts - Isometric Training FAQ 15 

Isometric Training FAQ’s - Your Questions Answered 

Isometric Training for Martial Artists - Uncovering the Secrets of the Masters

Isometric Training for MA Endurance - Training to Go Beyond the Limit

Isometric Training for MA Injury Recovery - Conventional Fitness advice will only compound your injury – spare yourself pain, discomfort and accelerate your recovery with just one simple change

Isometric Training for MA Power - Generation of Impact that is More than the Simple Sum of Your Parts

Isometric Training for MA Speed - Imagine the effect of your blocks or strikes if you were faster than a speeding bullet 

Isometric Training for MA Strength - The Development of Perfect Movement

Isometric Training for Toning - Sculpting the Perfect Body in Seconds

Isometric Video Blog - The yearlong experiment revealed...Project...? 

Isometric Video Blog Number 2 - Answering Your Questions! - How Isometrics Work, What is True Isometric-Tension, what to do if you are a hard gainer..and more!

Isometric Video Blog Number 3 - An Answer on Motivation and Case Study 1 Feedback!

Isometric Videos - Watching Stillness for Better Learning!

Isometric Stretching - The Secret to Safe Instant Flexibility 

Isometrics and Blood Pressure - The Top Criticism of Isometrics and Why it’s Completely Unfounded

Isometrics and Endurance Isometric Training FAQ 12

Isometrics and Increasing Your Deadlift Isometric Training FAQ 13

Isometrics and Weight Lifting How the Science of not Moving a Muscle means Lifting More

Isometrics Versus Traditional Lifting Looking at the Myth’s of Muscle Gain

What is Isometrics? Understanding the Past to see the Future of Fitness

Leg Exercise Isometrics Legendary Legs in a Few Minutes

The Benefits of Isometrics - Aside from being the most efficient, productive workout possible what else can Isometrics do? 

The Disadvantages of Isometrics - So what can’t Isometrics do? 

The Great Gama and Isometrics Could Isometrics be the Key to Remaining Undefeated in Over 5,000 Bouts? 

Using Isometrics to Build Muscle Fast and Effective Muscle Gain in Only Minutes 

Weight Loss Articles

Weight Loss Motivation -Maintaining Motivation is easy with the secrets of top personal trainers

Walking for Weight Loss -Slow and steady is the key to long lasting weight loss

Running for Weight Loss -Advance Your Fitness Progress and Quicken the Pace to Shedding those Last Few Pounds

Weight Loss Tea -Can you really just drink away the pounds?

Quick Weight Loss -How Fast is Fast Enough and is it Worth the Health Risks?

Predicting the Plateau -Plateaus are not a failure – they are simply the platforms upon which success is built.

Body Fat Percentage -How just 1 or 2 digits determine how hot you look!

Weight Loss Story -A rare story of successful weight loss

Simply Weight Loss -Nothing More, Nothing Less...Right? Wrong!

Weight loss Before and After -Why What you See, isn’t Always What You Get

Online Personal Training

What’s Involved? - How can Online Personal Training help you achieve your goals?

Will Online Personal Training Work for You? - Are you motivated and willing to learn?

Understanding You - The difference between diet books and achieving great looks!

Program Design - The Framework of Fitness

Leaving Feedback for Your Trainer - The Importance of Information

Nutrition - The Corner Stone of Change

Training Results - What Can You Expect? Can you really build the body of your dreams?

Losing Weight with Online Personal Training - Can a virtual trainer really help you slim down to a trim toned, athletic and sexy physique?

Building Muscle with Online Personal Training - The ultimate solution for the scrawny to get brawny and the round to get ripped

General Fitness with Online Personal Training - Reduce the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and more

Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training - Perfect Your Performance, Enhance Your Game and Focus on Finishing Line Success

Strength and Muscle Building Articles

Abs Exercises - Control Your Core, Stream Roll Your Stomach and Get Tight, Hard Abs of Steel

Advanced Abs Exercises - These Aren’t for Everyone – use ONLY if you Want an Incredible Strong and Hard Core

Aerobics vs Strength Training - Spandex versus Steel, who will win?

Arm Exercises - Build Bigger Biceps, Toned Triceps, and Fantastic Forearms

Back Exercises - A Balanced Body, Supple Spine and an Ache Free Back is There for the Taking – Get Yours Now!

Beginners Strength Training - It’s not just for your muscles; it’s training to live easy

Best Exercise to Flatten Abs - The truth behind toning your abs

Beginners Strength Training - It’s not just for your muscles; it’s training to live easy

The Best Muscle Building Product - What one product has been proven to be the ultimate source of Building muscle?

Bicep Building Exercise - The secret to building bigger biceps in just minutes

Building Arm Muscle – Part 2 - Applying Isometrics to Tone the Triceps

Building Arm Muscle - Welcome to the big guns, the secret to building bigger biceps, toning triceps, and firming forearms.

Building Muscle Fast - The Quickest Way to Build the Biggest Body

Building Muscle with Online Personal Training - The ultimate solution for the scrawny to get brawny and the round to get ripped

The Importance of Building Muscle - From Bodybuilders to Toned Supermodels Everyone Wants to Build Muscle, but Why?

Chest Exercises - Chisel Your Chest for True Power, Poise and Physical Perfection – Here’s How

Correct Lifting and Lowering Procedure - Prevent Unnecessary Injuries Through Correct Practice of Procedure

Free Abs Exercise - Your Guide to Sleek, Sexy Abs in Record Time

Free Exercise Programs - Start your journey towards functional fitness and a better quality of life

Muscle Building and Fitness How One is Not Always the Other

The Best Muscle Building Routine How to put together your own muscle building program for maximum efficiency and results

Muscle Building Supplements Are There REALLY MAGIC Pills to Build Muscle?

My Personal Workout Routine - How do I structure my week? 

Physical Strength and its difference from Neurological Strength - Why did you suddenly stop getting stronger – the truth of strength training revealed

Strength Training for Weight Loss - Can putting on weight really mean you lose fat?

Strength Training Methodologies - Do All Roads Lead to Strength Gains?

Strength Training Routines - Advanced Training Theory or Revolving Routines that Just Don't Cut It?

Strength Training Schedule - A Reason to Rest?

Strength Training Tips - Why “Purple Monkey Dishwasher” makes about as much sense most of them

Strength Training Versus Bodybuilding - Learn the Difference and Learn the Secrets to Success

Strength Training - What is it and How Can You Benefit?

Exercise Guides

Exercise Database - Your One Stop Resource for Exercise Guides

Correct Lifiting Procedure - Prevent Unnecessary Injuries Through Correct Practice of Procedure

Leg Exercises - Leave the Chicken Legs at Home and Develop Walk Away with Legs that WOW.

Chest Exercises - Chisel Your Chest for True Power, Poise and Physical Perfection – Here’s How.

Back Exercises - A Balanced Body, Supple Spine and an Ache Free Back is There for the Taking – Get Yours Now!

Abs Exercises- Control Your Core, Stream Roll Your Stomach and Get Tight, Hard Abs of Steel

Advanced Abs Exercises- These Aren’t for Everyone – use ONLY if you Want an Incredible Strong and Hard Core

Arm Exercises - Build Bigger Biceps, Toned Triceps, and Fantastic Forearms.

Easy Ab Exercise - Imagine an exercise guaranteed to reduce your waist line and deliver firm, strong, abs in just seconds.

Free Abs Exercise - Your Guide to Sleek, Sexy Abs in Record Time.

Flabby Arm Exercise - A sure fire way to tone and tighten the chicken wings in record time

Best Exercise to Flatten Abs - The truth behind toning your abs

Resources and Fitness Reviews

Resources and Reviews - The Ultimate Compilation of Critiques, Reviews and My Recommendations 

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review - Does Burn the Fat Deliver? Is Tom Ventuo Really all he’s Cracked up to be? 

Optimum Anabolics Review - Can You Really Get More Muscle Than Ever Before Without Protein? (THE ANSWER IS YES!!!)

My Optimum Anabolics Training Journal Week 1 - Learn how I put on 2 INCHES of ROCK SOLID MUSCLE on my shoulders in 7 days!!

My Optimum Anabolics Training Journal Week 2 - Another 4.4 INCHES ofROCK SOLID MUSCLE on my body in just 7 days!!

My Optimum Anabolics Training Journal Week 3 The Hardest Week YET!

Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning Review- Can Combat Conditioning - "The Amazing Exercise Program That Transforms Couch Potatoes into Super-Hero Fitness Machines!" Really do all it claims? 

Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training - An introduction to HRT the most efficient cardio training EVER 

Heart Rate Zone- Zone in on Your Fitness Goals and Take Yourself to the Next Level 

Heart Rate Training Program- Applying the theory to achieve greater gains



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