Building Muscle Fast

The Quickest Way to Build the Biggest Body

By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Building Muscle Fast is all about intensity. Muscle builds as a result of stimulation causing enough stress that the muscle is forced to adapt and grow. Usually this is performed by lifting weights within a certain rep range. The most common one used by bodybuilders is within the 10-12 range for most muscles although larger ranges such as 15-25 may be used for the legs and abs.

Of course you can learn the most intense weight lifting exercises when you sign up to work with me 1-to-1 through online personal training. Nothing gets results faster and by the time you’ve finished reading this article you’ll know why.

The reason bodybuilders work within the above range is to fatigue the glycogen stores in the muscle tissue (its energy reserves) and cause slight tearing of the muscle tissue due to increased blood flow. This minor damage causes the muscle to breakdown and rebuild itself stronger and bigger.

If you are putting on about 1lb of muscle a week you are doing well.

The funny thing is this, most bodybuilders and weight lifters are making a terrible terrible mistake. The do all these repetitions and sets (another series of repetitions) to fatigue in the last one or two reps. That is NOT Building Muscle Fast. Everything else is done in order to tire the muscles sufficiently so that the last rep squeezed out produces the stimulation.

The reason I say this is funny is because it is a misunderstood and very old fashioned concept. There is a much quicker way. Imagine doing that last burning rep where you get all that benefit and muscle growth FIRST. Before I explain that a little more I’d like to briefly mention the concept of muscle fibre recruitment and intensity.

In order to lift heavier weights with any given muscle the body recruits more and more muscle fibres. When these muscle fibres are stimulated the muscles contracts harder and is capable of lifting more. Depending on the position of the muscle it can contract a certain number of fibres. For instance the muscles of the chest – the pectorals, can’t contract fully while your arms a stretched out, like at the start of a dumbbell fly. That is why it is often a struggle to initially lift a weight up from a resting position (that said people STILL do it).

The more fibres you contract the heavier the weight. The heavier the weight the more intense the contraction. The more intense the contraction the more muscle growth occurs. Nice and easy, simple. So why do so many bodybuilders waste their time lifting weights they can lift 10-12 times? Wouldn’t make more sense to lift a heavier weight only 5 times? Or perhaps a super heavy weight once?

It would, but there are limits. To explain I’ll use my own lifts. In a bench press for instance starting from a stretched position I can lift 150 lbs for ten reps. Lifting once my maximum is 220 lbs. In a strong range near full contraction I can lift 300lbs. Using advanced Isometric techniques and specialised equipment to ensure safety I can lift 405lbs. Which is the most intense and which stimulates the most muscle growth?

The answer in both cases is the 405 lbs lift. When I do this I am shaking everywhere as my muscles fire and exhaust themselves. Each and every muscle is strained to there maximum output and the result is massive muscle growth. My lifts go up 10 -15% each workout. That means the next time I do this lift I will use 445 lbs. When was the last time you saw that much increase in strength?

The secret to Building muscle fast is to lift to your maximum potential every time. This is incredibly intense and not for the faint at heart. When you lift like that you must also increase the time off between your workouts to aid in recovery. Muscles aren’t made in the gym – only stimulated. Real muscle is built when you are resting and most when you are a sleep. (Read about the importance of rest in building muscle here). So you need to take more time off and spend less time in the gym.

Finally diet is also of crucial importance. If you are not eating enough to support building muscle fast – you won’t build much of anything except your injury list.

You can take all the guess work out of training and have the most effective and intense workout designed for you personally , by THE Isometric Training Expert – Me. You get the best muscle building diet - every meal taken care of, the best exercises to trigger that muscle building response and the best motivation to push you to new levels.

You want to be building muscle fast? Lift heavy, lift intensely and above all lift safely!

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