Optimum Anabolics Review Week 1

How In 7 Days I added 2 inches to my shoulders!

By Paul "Batman" J.O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Okay week one is done. It’s been hard work, but extremely satisfying. You can read my workout log below. If you have and questions feel free to contact me. The official weight in for results is on Sunday, but I can already tell you – I’ve put 2 inches on my deltoids (shoulder muscles) in just 7 days. The results so far have been amazing! If you want to put on muscle mass fast – then you need to get working with Optimum Anabolics! Click here to read more.

Sunday September 17th, 2006

Body Composition

Height – 66.5inches 
Total Bodyweight – 158.4lbs
Body Fat – 13.2% to 14.2 %
Hydration Levels – 59.1%
Visceral Fat – 2
Lean Muscle Mass – 129.2 lbs – 135.91 lbs
Bone Weight - 6.8 lbs
Metabolic Age – 16

Body Measurements

Neck – 14.1” / 36cm
Shoulders – 45” / 114cm
Chest – 41” / 104cm
Bicep R. – 13.4” / 34cm
Bicep L. – 12.8” / 32.5cm 
Forearm R. – 11” / 28cm
Forearm L. – 11” / 28cm
Wrist R & L. – 6.5” / 16.5cm
Abs at Navel – 31” / 78.5 cm
Hips at Iliac Crest 36” – 91.5cm
Thigh R. – 23.5” / 65.5cm
Thigh L. – 23.3” / 65cm
Calf R. – 14” /36.5cm
Calf L – 14” / 36.5cm

Optimum Anabolic Diet – High Protein (3 weeks) Maximum Mass

Ratio: Protein 20%, Carbs 40%, Fat 40%
Total Calories – 2,940 per day.
Post Workout Meal – 38.7g Protein, 100g Carbs, 30g Fat. Total; 824.8 kcal
Per Remaining 5 Meals – 23.5g Protein, 37.98g Carbs, 19.77g Fat.
Total; 422.85 kcal 

Supplements to be used

Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein
Optimum Nutrition MRP
Twin Lab Amino Fuel Anabolic Liquid

Personal Impressions and Comments –

The diet recommendations are amusing me. On my previous bulking phase when I went up to 173lbs at 9% body fat (before I got sick, and from which I have just recovered) I was taking in about 3200 calories in a Ratio of 35% Protein, 50% Carbs and 15% Fat for which I got great results, however the protein intake was perhaps slightly too high which stressed my kidneys perhaps too much leading to my recent illness. (That however is complete conjecture. There have been NO long term studies showing a detrimental effect on the kidneys with a high protein diet).

I’m looking at this and thinking – man I’m going to be eating way too much food – I’ve a tiny stomach I can’t really eat all this, which is exactly what I thought last time and I was right. ;-)

Anyway this has to be done.

Here’s my previous Diet template for a 7 day period at 3200 Calories so you have fair idea the level of detail I put into these things – just click here and it will open up in a new window Remember I can design a meal plan just like this for you to get you in the best shape of your life.

Contact me for more details. I’m a firm believer in the old saying that failing to plan is planning to fail.

Get your diet it right and everything else falls into place.

This will last for three weeks and then I go through protein deprivation – I’ll explain that more when I get there.

The workout –

This is a 5 Day program – body part per day

Monday – Shoulders
Tuesday – Arms/Abs
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Back
Friday – Chest / Abs

Each body part will receive 6 Exercises in 3 Supersets, a total of 18 sets in week one per exercises session with the addition of one more set per exercise so it will be 24 sets a day in week 2 and then 30 a day in week 3.

Week 1 starts with a 1 minute rest between exercise and a 2 minute rest between supersets.

Well this is going to be fun….

The Goals -

To regain my lost 13lbs of muscle and pack on a few more for good measure! At the end of week 14 I aim to be at 175-180lbs, 9% body fat and to be perfectly proportioned according to the Golden Mean –

Based on my 6.5” wrist

Chest – 42.25”
Waist – 29.575”
Hips – 35.91”
Biceps – 15.21”
Forearms – 12.25”
Thighs – 22.39”
Calf’s 14.365”
Neck – 15.63”

Essentially I need to put on an inch on my neck and forearms, 2 on biceps and chest, cut my thighs and hips by an inch and 2 off my waist. No problem – I’ll probably easily beat those proportions, but we’ll see.

Monday September 18th, 2006

Day 1 Week 1 - Workout Shoulders

Superset 1

Front Dumbbell Raise – 13.2 x 12, 17.6 x 10, 17.6 x 8 Barbell Military Press – 44 x 12, 55 x 10, 55 x 8

Superset 2

Dumbbell Shrug – 27.5 x 12, 33 x 10, 55x 8 Side Dumbbell Lateral Raise – 8.8 x 12, 13.2 x 10, 17.6 x 8

Superset 3

Rear Dumbbell Lateral Raise – 8.8 x 12, 13.2 x 10, 17.6x 8 Arnold Presses – 13.2 x 12, 17.6x 10, 17.6 x 8

All lifts are in lbs

Notes and impressions

Okay this buzzed by in the gym today – because of the quick change from exercise to exercise and the short breaks I didn’t really have much time to let my mind wander – which is great.

I can safely say I have never in my personal or professional career have dedicated that much time to destroying part of my body. I do mean destroying – after the workout today I was shaking and spilling as I tried to prepare my post workout meal. Using loaded Isometrics I frequently hit that point in a matter of seconds – today I hit and sustained it for nearly 40 minutes.

One of the nicer aspects of this program is the variety – sure I spent 40 minutes doing nothing but blasting my shoulders but each exercise was different and served to hit a different aspect of the deltoid muscles.

Regarding he exercise choices themselves…I really liked the Arnold Press. They’re fun and the final rep or two was accompanied by that wonderful tingling sensation you get when you’re straining your muscles so hard you nearly stop the blood flow.

Despite wearing a heavy jumper I could visibly see the shoulders screaming underneath – very satisfying.

What was very interesting was observing how weak I am in certain ranges of motion – I don’t have good range of movement nor do the vital assisting muscles have the strength to support and allow a controlled movement. No where was this more visible than in the Rear Dumbbell Lateral Raises.

I enjoyed the intensity. There’s something I find nearly redeeming and definitely gratifying in pushing oneself to a point of where you know most people would quite and then going – ha – you think that was tough watch this. One of my clients mentioned this morning – she said her friends wouldn’t believe how I am able to reduce a usually highly competent woman to a mass of quivering, shaking uncoordinated muscle in just a few minutes – but I have her doing far too much bless her – but she wants those Jennifer Aniston arms and Demi Moore Legs so she’s going to be left wrecked after every workout till she gets them (which should be in November).

The weights were quite light in comparison to the usual people my size would use. I have found that the smaller the weight the easier it is for me to completely contract the muscle tissue – when you do that a pencil can feel like a ton weight. It was also important to maintain strict form – and I wouldn’t be much of trainer if I sacrificed proper form for the sake of my ego and a number my muscles can’t read.

This is something I see a lot while training people – particularly in guys. They always choose a weight far too heavy to lift with strict technique. Less is sometimes more. With ladies it’s the opposite – go lift a damn heavier weight - you won't break a finger nail.

As regards my feelings now – my shoulders are tired. It’s a nice tired. They not moving and seem to be in some sort of self satisfied relaxation. There’s the knowledge the have been sufficiently worked and I am sure they’ll be very sore tomorrow.

All in all a very successful and satisfactory first day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, but also I feel a slight pang of regret as my shoulders will only feel this 13 more times before the completion of the program. Then they have to go back to feeling the muscle splitting pain of my concentrated maximum lift program.

Where did I get this program? Optimum Anabolics - Check it out here.

Tuesday September 19th, 2006

Tuesday 19th September 2006

I feel incredible this morning – only slight DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness). It’s not as bad as I usually get it on my normal lifting program. I’m pretty excited today. I’m a vain bastard at the best of times and scrutinize every inch of my physique. Today I’m back – I feel like Superman after flying through the sun. My body is crackling with Energy and I’m raring to go – and what has motivated this? – my shoulders!!!!

Oh yes –they’re back! After one hard day’s training they’re back. They’re big, they’re beginning to show striation and more importantly I have my shoulder clefts back!!!! Oh Yes! Loving my frikin life! I then proceeded to dance for 5 minutes to show my appreciation for all things heavy and lift able!

Hitting the gym in precisely 2 hours 49 minutes – can’t wait.

Day 2 Week 1

Superset 1

Dumbbell Concentration Curl; 22.2 x 12, 27.5 x 10, 27.5 x 8 Twisting Dumbbell Kickback; 13.2 x 12, 17.6 x 10, 17.6x 8

Superset 2

Barbell Curls; 22.2 x 12, 30.8 x 10, 30.8 x 8 Weighted Dips; 25 x12, 25 x 10, 15x 8

Superset 3

Bent Leg Crunch Bodyweight x 12, x 10, x 8 Hanging Leg Raise Bodyweight x 12, x 10, x 8

All lifts are in lbs

Notes and impressions

I was slightly disappointed today. Although I enjoyed working my bi’s and tri’s (I particularly enjoyed the Triceps Kickbacks – the ab work was lack luster. I’m used to treating my abs like any other muscle and training it with heavy weight. I have a particular fondness for cable pulls using the abs and weighted crunches.

The abs and core are a major focus for me because of the Martial Arts – that’s where the strength of my technique comes from so it’s vital that it be in peak condition. In Japan they assess a warrior on his “Hara” – his ability to drive from the stomach (well if you believe the tourist martial arts mysticism that is). I prefer to associate it with science. Your body is a kinetic chain, only as strong as its weakest link. The abdomen connects the incredible strength of my legs to the lesser strength of my upper body allowing me to deliver an attack far beyond what my arms alone are capable of.

Today has been a strange day for me – it has reminded me again of the incredible duality present in fitness and training like that I describe. Often people train for aesthetic and social reasons – more people pay attention to a guy with a six pack and well toned muscles then to the guy with a beer belly. The same applies to women and I see them daily in the gym – those there to meet people and socialize, and I think that’s good in a way.

But it all too often interferes with true training. People all too often sacrifice the intensity and testosterone release of a short workout in favor of a longer more relaxed training program filled with light chat. It’s a question of priority – do you focus on socialization or intense training? There’s nothing wrong with either but you must be aware of your decision so that you expect the appropriate results.

(Of course you can have both – go an hour before your friends show up ;-), work your ass of and then chat)

This decision further reminds me of the larger picture – you can get fit and have a social life, work, spend time with family and kids and enjoy a great looking physique and good health with only a few minutes of exercise a day.

Or – you can choose to dedicate yourself to something bigger – the pursuit of physical perfection, of self discovery and understanding – the quest to find a boundary you can keep pushing further away.

In my life I have tried to express the art of the human body and in so doing understand myself and it has been remarked on more than one occasion that my faith is fitness and my religion the realization of my potential. Training and fitness are for me two of the defining factors that fix my place in the world, that help me understand my role an place and I know no greater peace then when I have pushed myself to a breaking point, broken through it and in so doing through another preconception about myself. I’m in a constant state of wonder and surprise.

But with that journey I have had to make choices, decisions that have affected my life. I choose not to a casual indulgence in a healthy lifestyle but to make it a core aspect of who I am. And just as I sacrifice a few minutes a day to exercise I choose also to remove those influences that are not productive to my goals, friends who would try and drag me down, relationships that would compromise my goals, and at times they are hard decisions.

So today I asked myself an important question – why do I want to be fit and healthy? Why do I want to train? Ask yourself this question and it will define your training schedule, your goals, your methods and more. Every answer is acceptable from I just want to lose weight or enjoy the naughtier foods without piling on a load of flab; it may be the desire to fit into old clothes again, or to have a six pack. Whatever the reason, make sure of just one thing – that it’s the right thing for you and not placed there by social pressure – to quote one of my favorite movies, Dodgeball, “Hi there, I’m Joe, and I’m here to tell you’re perfect just the way you are”.

Today my answer was - fitness is my life’s philosophy.

What’s yours?

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Wednesday September 20th, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Day 3 Week 1

Superset 1

Leg Ext; 44 (x 12), 55 (x 10), 77 (x 8) Leg Curl; 44 (x 12), 66 (x 10), 88(x 8)

Superset 2

Calf Raises; 88 (x 12), 132 (x 10), 154 (x 8) Stiff Leg Deadlift; 88 (x 12), 132 (x 10), 154 (x 8)

Superset 3

Seated Calf Raises; 33 (x 12), 55 (x 10), 55(x 8) Barbell Squat; 88 (x 12), 132 (x 10), 154 (x 8)

All lifts are in lbs

Notes and impressions


Last night at 3am I woke up in a great deal of pain. My entire right bicep had gone into spasm and locked in a fully contracted position – my tendons were screaming and I couldn’t relax it. It was so bad I had to get an Acupuncture Needle and insert into the muscle and electrocute it in order to relax. (Lucky I’m an acupuncturists isn’t it).

I can’t straighten out either of my arms and DOMS has kicked into to overdrive in my shoulders. About time. In a sick sort of way I’m happy I’m sore. So I head to the gym anyway because I never listen to my own advice and besides it’s a leg day…

As you can see it was abysmal. I mean shockingly crap. I’m really frustrated by this. The gym A doesn’t have enough weight and this system is driving me nuts – it’s not intense enough – it doesn’t hurt enough and my legs are not even close to being worked. I do 1700+ on my leg press and apparently some little weight like 154lbs is going to develop my muscle tissue? Please.

On the diet side, I feel bloated and nauseous the entire time. My body is beginning to reject the protein I’m taking in – my kidneys can’t take this (don't worry I have a medical condition. Most people following this program won't have a problem). I’m spent my morning trying not to get sick. Once again acupuncture comes to the rescue and I can reduce the effects of this, if I can hold out another two and half weeks I’ll be fine – no protein for 3 and then back on.

Tomorrow’s back day –that should be better.

Everyone has days like this – and more than anything I’m frustrated with myself, with my body’s inability to keep up with my demands – but you know what it will learn. It will do what I tell it to or I will kill myself trying. It moments like this, when I’m discouraged and frustrated that I re-watch Kurt Angle Promos. That man's drive and determination to exceed every physical limitation is nothing short of remarkable. Sure it’s unhealthy but it's still incredible and admirable.

If Kurt Angle can win Olympic Gold on a broken neck, Lance Armstrong can win seven Tour de France’s coming back form multiple cancers then who am I to complain and about a tummy upset and a muscle cramp?

If you’ll excuse me I have to verbally and mentally motivate myself.

Where did I get this program? Optimum Anabolics - Check it out here.

Thursday 21st September, 2006

Day 4 Week 1

Superset 1 

Hanging Row; 88 (x 12), 132 (x 10), 110 (x 8.) Wide Arm Lat; 66 (x 12), 88 (x 10), 77 (x 8.)

Superset 2

Twisting Dumbbells; 22 (x 12), 27.5 (x 10), 27.5 (x 8.) Chin Ups; 66 (x 12), 77 (x 10), 77 (x 8.)

Superset 2

Close Grip Cable Row; 49.5 (x 12), 55 (x 10), 60.5 (x 8.) Close Grip Lat Pull Down; 66 (x 12), 77 (x 10), 77 (x 8.)

All lifts are in lbs

Notes and impressions

Today’s workout while good and certainly a workout for my back wasn’t a good idea. I finished it at 12 but am only now writing this entry at 18.00, 6 hours later. The reason, my biceps are allowing me very limited movement.

On Tuesday I pushed myself too hard in my arms curls maintaining a very strict isometric tension throughout. A great workout but its left my arms racked in pain since. Both last night and the night before I’ve woken up with my arms (right first and then last night, my left) full cramped and really really painful. I used acupuncture to relieve the pain and went back to sleep.

Today I again used Acupuncture to relieve the pain and allowed myself to work my back. All well and good except that my back required the use of my arms. I got through the workout fine, felt amazing in fact.

My back was tight and I felt it bursting against my skin. Very satisfying. Even now I’m beginning to felt that seeping warmth and tiredness that accompanies an incredible lifting session.

The problem is my arms are in bits. I can’t straighten either of them!!!! I’m actually muscle bound!!!! Not to worry however, there’s no major damage to the muscle it’s just very very bad DOMS. Now the problem presents itself, tomorrow is Chest day – Finally!!!! Except for the fact that my biceps are required for the flyes and press. Oh dear….

Find out how I overcome this problem same Bat time – same bat channel….

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Day 5 Week 1

Superset 1

Dumbbell Fly; 22 (x 12), 27.5 (x 10), 27.5 (x 8.) Dumbbell Press; 22 (x 12), 27.5 (x 10), 27.5 (x 8.)

Superset 2

Incline Dumbbell Fly; 22 (x 12), 22 (x 10), 22 (x 8.) Incline Bench Press to Neck; 88 (x 12), 88 (x 10), 77 (x 8.)

Superset 3

Close Grip Cable Row; BW (x 12), BW (x 10), BW (x 8.) Close Grip Lat Pull Down; BW (x 12), BW (x 10), BW (x 8.)

All lifts are in lbs

Notes and impressions

I’m writing this in the post euphoria exhaustion that accompanies from a great workout. Today was fun – not only because it was an excellent and fully pec blasting workout but because I had people freaking out in the gym standing in huddled groups and wondering if they should approach me.

Absolutely priceless.

Following on from my biceps dilemma of yesterday I am delighted to say my powers of recuperation are near Wolverine like. Aside from a slight muscle ache I felt so amazing I went to lift heavy things.

Today I practiced a relatively new exercise Incline Bench Press to the Neck. I firkin love this exercise. My chest felt super pumped, my arms felt like falling off and I hit fibers of my chest I’m convinced I’ve never felt before. This also resulted in the first freak out in the gym.

I was practicing this in a smith machine for safety reasons, and failed on my very last rep. No longer able to slowly lower the weight it plummeted straight towards my Adams apple where the safety’s kicked in less than a cm from my neck. (Of course I had tested this before hand). When I swallowed my Adams apple pressed on the bar. As I lay there exhausted members of the gym staff hurried over to explain to me that what I was doing was not a real exercise. I listened patiently for a few seconds before pointing out I have more experience and qualifications then their collected staff and am more than capable of dealing with my selected weight in a safe and effective manner.

I hurriedly moved on to my final few exercises and finished my workout in under 45 minutes. But on my way out the door I paused – I really wanted to shred my pecs so I decided to go for a max 1 rep static lift. Strolling over to the smith machine once more I placed the bar an inch below my strongest range of motion on the bench and then loaded the bar with every plate I could find.

Having placed 405 lbs (over 2 and half times my bodyweight) on the bar I smugly watched it bend slightly, then slipped under and pressed it. Boom up it goes – hold for 7 seconds – and relax as my pecs freak out completely. I stand up, unload the plate and observe them gym staff and few members looking at me with astonishment. One brave staff member ventures out and asks quietly – how on earth I was able to lift that. Once again I am greatly amused by the “professional” lack of understanding. In an optimal range of motion the body is capable of lifting ridiculous amounts of weights to stimulate itself.

Today marks the fifth and final day of weight lifting for week 1. – So far I’ve enjoyed it, aside from one or two dips. On Sunday we’ll see what results this has produced. Physically I can already see a difference. I’m pretty pleased. Two more weeks of this then protein deprivation here I come!

Where did I get this program? Optimum Anabolics - Check it out here.

Optimum Anabolics Review Week 1 Read about the Results and Week 2 HERE

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