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By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

The Isometric-Training FAQ section features some of the best questions the readers of my newsletter (7 Seconds to Strength) have asked over the years and contain some of my lengthy answers. Many of these FAQ’s become articles in their own right when answering and cover some great topics and discussions. If you have a question about isometrics or my No.1 Ranked Program, 7 Seconds to Build A Perfect Body, I highly recommend you read over these.

Some of the answers will surprise you. Some will perhaps shock you, but I can guarantee all of them will help you learn not only a little bit more about what I offer on this website, but how isometrics work, if it can work for you, how it works and some of my own hard won personal insights into life and training.

I hope you find each question and answer as useful and as clarifying as I have in writing the Isometric-Training FAQ replies. Often times I take my own knowledge and training for granted and fail to completely explain a point that will common and familiar to me, is not so to many of my readers and students.

Each of these questions has helped me become a better trainer, letting me refine, understand and explain my knowledge from a different perspective. I hope you enjoy them

I’ve laid out each question below and then listed the contents and theme of my answer so you can quickly and easily find the comments and answers that most suit the information you may need. If it doesn’t there’s an easy solution contact me, let me know of any questions and concerns you may have and I’ll do my best to answer them.

1. How Many Isometric Sets? - How Many Isometric Sets need to be done, if they can be used in association with weight training, and how to structure an isometric routine.

12. Isometrics and Endurance - Isometric Training FAQ 12, Questions on the Nature of Isometrics and Endurance, On Isometrics "only strengthening at the angle where the force is applied", Why do people (athletes included) still persist with conventional weight training?, and a brief discussion On the Eastern Mind and Martial Arts.

13. Isometrics and Increasing Your Deadlift - Isometric Training FAQ 13, questions on Isometrics and Increasing Your Deadlift, how I personally imporved my deadlift's, more info on some of my clients and what you can do to increase your strength...let's take a look ...

14. Are 10k Runs Bad For Your Health - Isometric Training FAQ 14, a controversial answer that will anger some, but it's an important question, and here's my honest answer - take a look ...

15. Isometric Training Doutbs - Well this one covers a lot – I make a lot of big claims on the sales page for my 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body Program, and I know that at times I can get so excited by what I do and what my system can achieve I come off like a walking infomercial!

But I can’t help it! I’ve seen the results, not only on myself, but on countless patients, clients and the thousands of users around the world that use this system and send me their results and achievements. Like I said though – I make a lot of big claims, and some of you have doubts.

Most just go, this is bull, and leave it at that – well Felipe did something different, he emailed and asked me if I was on the level. Here’s my answer ...

16. Can Isometrics Fix A Bad Back - Isometric FAQ 16

A very important question on the safety of some of the exercises I teach - in particular, can isometrics fix a bad back? Now keep in mind as you read my reply all those letters I have after my name. My intention isn't to brag but one of the specialities of my medical practice is spinal diagonsis and repair and I've fixed many a bad back in my time, including disk degenerations, subluxations and fixations and more. So unlike many fitness experts out there I can speak authoritively on repairing and rehabing the back and spine, having treated hunders of patients successfully.

This FAQ features one of my all time favourite stories sent in to me by one of my readers - it's awesome, powerful and very motivating. If you've ever suffered from Back pain - READ THIS -

Remember if your question isn’t answered here, or you see something that makes you think about something else, please let me know here – contact me.

All the best,

Your isometric expert and personal trainer,

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