Isometric Training Doubts

- Isometric Training FAQ 15 -

By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

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Well this one covers a lot – I make a lot of big claims on the sales page for my 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body Program, and I know that at times I can get so excited by what I do and what my system can achieve I come off like a walking infomercial! But I can’t help it! I’ve seen the results, not only on myself, but on countless patients, clients and the thousands of users around the world that use this system and send me their results and achievements. Like I said though – I make a lot of big claims, and some of you have doubts.

Most just go, this is bull, and leave it at that – well Felipe did something different, he emailed and asked me if I was on the level. Here’s my answer to his questions. Felipe went on to buy a copy of the program, so perhaps these questions will help you to see if this is something you want to try out as well!


Felipe Asks:

Hi Paul,

I admired a lot the way you constructed your training system. Can you solve my doubts?

- Can the results be achieved very fast? 
- How many series do I have to make? How many repetitions? 
- Will my muscles really grow?

Thanks a lot, Felipe

My Answer:

Hi Felipe,

Thanks for taking the time to contact me, I've answered your questions below.

Can the results be achieved very fast

Yes and no. It very much depends on the nature of what you are trying to achieve. The program is scientifically proven to produce rapid results in terms of strength development and increases in muscle mass. This in turn increases metabolism and as such you burn more calories leading to lower bodyfat. Now to talk specifics, in 1954 two German Scientist, Muller and Hettinger conclusively proved in over 5,000 independent clinical trials, that one could increase strength by 5-15% with a single 7 second stimulation once a week. Subjects in a later study performing a daily 7 second contraction increased their strength by 72% in 46 weeks.

Compared to the results achievable in terms of strength using conventional lifting methods this is VERY fast, not only in terms of the result achieved, but also in terms of the actual time spent training. To make this point more clearly - the following is an excerpt from my training log on a private forum over 2 years ago -


Date 10/12/2006, 15/04/07, 09/05/07

Bench Press 201, 375, 409

Close Grip Bench 143, 303, 297

Shoulder Press 69, 130, 151,

Leg Press 892, 2037, 1768,

Toe Press 571, 769, skip

Total 1876, 3614, 2625,

Right some cool stuff here… In just about 6 months I have achieved the following –

My Bench has increased by a STAGGERING 103%. I have in fact DOUBLED my bench. Up until this point this was a new personal best…not anymore, but I'll come to that later.

The Close grip was weaker in this workout – my triceps hadn't sufficiently adapted and recovered (nor had I in fact recovered in any of my muscles at all). As such I dropped 6 lbs. Damn. Anyway – my strength in this exercise increased over a 5 month period by a RIDICULOUS 111%. This represents another doubling of my strength.

But just wait till I talk about the shoulder press….Now this had increased by 21 lbs since my last session. Representing a total improvement of …wait for it… 118% ahahahahahahah. This may have something to with why I was able to lift a 80kg gym instructor over my head with one arm this week.

Oh…but I've saved the best for last ….the Leg Press…I OWN THIS! Okay granted I hadn't recovered so in my latest workout, but in a 5 month period I increased my Leg Press by …..



Sorry about that – and of course that TON I pressed is in fact a personal best.

Seriously….is there any other method that allows for that strength development in such little time....I's ridiculous...if I published this NO ONE would believe me.... ---------------------------------------------------------

As you can see from the above - I tested my strength against weighted resistance in order to gauge my progress. And that progress was dramatic. There is no other program that I know of in existence that can produce those levels of results. Not one. And not in that time frame.

Also keep in mind my own original transformation, when I gained 30 lbs of muscle in that 7 week period, I spent less than 5 minutes a day training. Under 40 minutes a week and produced that result. I know dedicated personal trainers, bodybuilders and power lifters that have NEVER produced 30 lbs of muscle in a year, let alone in the time it takes HALF of a single training session that they would do.

Considering that the average workout takes about 60 - 90 minutes, three times a week, that's about 180 - 270 minutes a week of training. That's 720 - 1080 minutes a month. Considering a good goal is to hit about 10 lbs of muscle a year then you'd be looking at an increase of 0.83lbs of muscle a month.

In summary, conventional training on average produces 0.83lbs of muscle per 720 -1080 minutes of training.

In contrast, my program produces on an ideal (at 30lbs a month) 30lbs of muscle per 140 minutes training. Even a 10lbs increase of muscle a year, my system would still produce 0.83lbs of muscle in 140 minutes total training time.

Thus my system, lbs for lbs, is about at slowest muscle growth 194% - 1296% faster. I won't even give you the stats on the best possible result.

The simple fact is that isometrics produce a more strength, more muscle mass than conventional training and in a fraction of the time.

How many series do I have to make? How many repetitions?

This is covered in more detail in the 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body Program. But the basics are one set. One rep. That's it. 7-12 seconds and you're done. ;-)

Will my muscles really grow?

There is only 2 things necessary to gain muscle, even if you are a hard gainer. The first is proper stimulation. If you don't have enough stress placed on the system you won't develop muscle. Unfortunately modern training methodology isn't very efficient at creating that stimulus, hence the need to perform repeated lengthy workouts. My system on the other hand creates that stimulus within a few seconds.

The 2nd is eating enough to fuel growth - I cover that in the bonus section of the book.

Remember increasing muscle mass is about 3 things - 1. Intensity of Stimulus. 2. Rest and Recovery 3. Growth. An Isometrics hold, with maximal muscle contraction held for 7 seconds is the MOST intensive muscular contraction possible as you perform over 7 times the work normally given. This causes huge development in both size and strength.

Simply put Isometrics works because it stimulates MORE muscle fiber, MORE intensely and QUICKER than any other form of exercise.

Hope that helps,

Your isometric expert and personal trainer,

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