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Learn How You Can Be Lean, Toned and Fit By Working Directly With an Isometric Expert, Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist... For Far Less Than You Think!

- FULLY BOOKED - Sorry Folks I'm at my Limit and no longer taking on new clients at this time. However If you'd like to put your name down on the waiting list you can do so through my contact me page.

By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Let’s cut right to the chase - If you want to get in great shape, build muscle and lose weight you need to train with a professional who can get you results. Someone who can design a workout program specific to you and you’re needs to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Online Personal Training allows top professional trainers like me to train and help people everywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter anymore that I’m here in little old Ireland and you are in New York, Sydney, Cairo, Hong Kong, Pluto…as long as you have access to an internet connection I can train you. I can share my knowledge and passion of fitness, health and exercise with YOU. More so Online Personal Training is very affordable for everyone, allowing you to enjoy the benefits that personal training provides and that previously only celebrities and the extravagantly rich could afford.


"I couldn’t believe the incredible amount of information Paul gave me. His programs are amazing. It fits in exactly with my schedule and gets me the results I want!"

David - Computer Program Designer

The 4 Foundations of Fitness

-Without these you won’t succeed-

Getting in great shape only requires 4 things:

  1. Having an Exercise plan
  2. Having a Nutritional Plan
  3. The motivation to follow it through
  4.  Actually doing it. 

Online Personal Training Provides all 4 – look at each of them below and see how easily you will be able to achieve your goals.

Personalised Programs

I design a completely personalised fitness program to ensure you reach those goals and targets. Each program I create is tailor made using my expert knowledge to help you slim down, bulk up, increase your sports performance or anything else for that matter – it’s really up to you. Rest assured there is no goal I have not helped people achieve. With over 14 years experience in the field of fitness I know how to get you to your goal.

Fitness programs are like peoples waistlines, they change over time. Doing what worked a month ago for you won’t work now. The reason is because your body develops. It becomesstronger and leaner, harder, and firmer, faster and more flexible. And just like your advancing fitness levels, your program must advance as well.

Below I have a weight training, gym based program. This could as easily be a home based, bodyweight one, or anything else for that matter. Anyway this is a great example as it shows you what you can expect and the level of detail that goes into every programme I design.

Click on the image above to open a larger image of the training program. Don’t worry it will open in new window so you don’t lose your place here.

The first thing you’ll see is the images showing the start / end and middle position of the exercises. These are actually stills take from the video footage recorded for you. And yes you get to see all the videos as well.

The high quality video will show how to do every movement - each and every nuance of your exercises are shown in crystal clear detail. You can download them and watch them time and again until you are comfortable with the technique shown.

Would you like to watch a training video now? Just click here and it will open in new window.


“I just wanted to write to you to say Thanks – you took all of my concerns and considerations and built me a great program around them. Before I used to be so weak everyday chores were hard and difficult. Now I’m so much stronger and leaner – everything is easy now!”

- Rachel, Student

What You’re NOT Eating Could be the very thing Holding You Back

Nutrition accounts for about 80% of the effectiveness of any program. That’s my estimate from years spent training clients in person and online. What you eat (and what you don’t) makes the difference between good results and phenomenal results.

Am I going to use the dreaded “:D” word?….Oh no…not diets…It’s okay, I don’t believe in diets, well at least not in the usual meaning of the word. I don’t like diets, they imply temporary,restrictive, boring and definitely tasteless. No thank you, I ‘aint doing that and I don’t expect you too either.

Now a healthy Meal Plan – that’s something else all together. Let me explain the secrets of a Super hot actress, and the hidden weapon of the action hero – they eat. But not just in any way – oh no, they eat really tasty, extremely nutritious food that supports and enhances their goals.

What if you had your own personal dietician who designed your meals for you to make sure you got tasty, delicious, nutritious fuel for your fantastic physique? That would be awesome right? Yes, yes it would.

So let’s do it. This is another huge advantage of Online Personal Training with me. Meal Planning is a hassle, and one you won’t have to deal with. I assess your current meal plan based a precise and effective questionnaire. Then, and this is the really cool part, I count the exact number of calories you need to achieve, to accentuate and accelerate your goals, be it a weight loss, weight gain, anything, and design a tailor made meal plan for you.

Each Meal Plan covers your whole week, and ever meal in it from sunrise to sunset. Each food is listed and I even provide you with breakdowns of the different proteins, carbs, and fats for each item, the meal and the day. I do the same for the calories. You know exactly what to eat, when, how – the lot.

Take a look at the sample meal plan above right now. Just click on the image to see the wealth of information I provide about the foods you eat. Don’t worry it opens up in a new window so you don’t lose your place here.

Oh and if you’d like the guided tour, click here to check out my Introduction to Online Personal Training Video where I take you step by step and show you exactly what my meal plans are like.

Of course with that information you can go and enter your own substitutions, look at the nutritional information of the food and if it’s close to what I’ve listed, enjoy! I can even design one with your favourite foods. No food is taboo, so you aren’t forced into eating food that makes you miserable.


"This Meal Plan is perfect! I have finally been able to keep my diet in order and it takes into account my preference for Low Carb Meals. I’ve noticed a huge difference already – I’ve lost 2 lbs in my first week, my stomach is flatter, and I am finally getting those Jennifer Aniston Arms!"

Denise – Housewife

There is Nothing More Motivating Than Success!

Are you motivated and willing to learn?

Everyday people invest in training books, diet programs and DVD’s. While many of these products are great and offer real benefit, others are useless and overpriced. The problem with these programs is that they are all very general. They are limited because they don’t know YOU.They don’t know you’re goals and desires. They don’t know what equipment you have and they don’t know your medical condition.

Online Personal Training addresses all these problems. I CAN design a program for YOUbecause I know the answer to these questions. Online Personal Training is the Ultimate guide book and training manual, because I write it specifically for you, and no one else.

But what’s to say you’ll follow the program once I design it?

I would like to tell you what I have found having trained over 100 clients online, and I think you may recognize yourself here.

I can guess two things with some certainty about you already. You are both motivated and you can apply information. If you can do that, then Online Personal Training will work for you. Let me explain further.

I know your motivated because you are here, reading these words and learning about the cutting edge principals of fitness on I you weren’t motivated you never would have typed in the search query or clicked on the link that led you to my website…and that brings me neatly to my next point…the application of knowledge.

You know how to use a computer. That is a skill you have learnt, just like reading, or learning to ride a bike or drive. Your reading this is proof that you are motivated to learn and that you can apply that information. If you can do that, then I can train you.

Online Personal Training rests upon you applying the knowledge that you learn from me. I will teach you how to lose weight, build muscle, tone the trouble areas, and more. Let my knowledge and expertise guide you – that’s all that’s stopping you from achieving your goals, because you’ve got the rest down.


"I can’t tell you how fired up I am over this – My shoulders are bigger and more defined! I have shoulder clefts! I can’t wait for my next workout!"

Paul – Website Designer

What Results can YOU Expect from Online Personal Training?

You get out what you put in. Phenomenal results take phenomenal work. I am willing to do that work and I am committed to your success. Nothing is more satisfying to me then another success story.

If you are willing to work hard and follow my program you will get the body you are looking for. You have an internationally acclaimed fitness instructor and expert in Isometrics working with you. You’ve got the best training routines and program designed personally for you, and your nutrition plan is tailored to your tastes and your goals. All it needs is an equal commitment from you.

I believe you will succeed with Online Personal Training. I believe in you and that your commitment and enthusiasm can match my own. I believe this because experience is a great teacher, I’ve learnt a lot not just about fitness but about people.

Lose YOUR unwanted Weight NOW!

Can a virtual trainer really help you slim down to a trim toned, athletic and sexy physique?

Losing Weight with Online Personal Training is a simple process. Weight loss is nothing more than taking in less calories than you use. Unfortunately in reality it’s not that easy. That’s where Online Personal Training steps in.

There’s a problem out there with every diet book, weight loss program, and DVD. They are produced for a general populace. You are NOT the general populace. This is why Online Personal Training works so well and is the fastest growing aspect of the fitness industry.

It’s Personal – it’s about YOU and no one else.

Online Personal Training let’s me work with you no matter where you are to achieve your weight loss goals.

Using my proven combination of Easy and Fun Exercise Routines and Healthy, Tasty Meal Plans you can expect safe and steady weight loss. I don’t advocate crash dieting, de-toxing and sever calorie restriction – it’s unhealthy, it makes you feel miserable and it’s a short cut to long term failure.

Each case and client is assessed individually; I design a personalised program and meal plan for you and you alone. You can choose the weight you want to lose, from ¾lbs to 2lbs a week (I don’t recommend more that this, because you may lose precious muscle tissue and water, which will burn fat faster then exercise!).

Together we will chart out a steady weight loss plan and get you to your goals.

Watch my Introduction to Online Personal Training Video. Just Click Here to open it in a new window! This video I’ve put together shows you every aspect of Online Personal Training and how it can help you reach your goals safely and in record time.


"I started training with Paul to lose weight - my goal was to drop 10lbs. Since I started working with Paul using online training I have lost those 10lbs! Even better I have more muscle tone and the sleek sexy arms I’ve always wanted! Thank you Paul!"

Esther – Housewife

Build Muscle with Online Personal Training

The ultimate solution for the scrawny to get brawny and the round to get ripped

Building muscle with Online Personal Training is a sure fire method to getting the gains your looking for. If it’s extra inches on the Biceps, Perfectly proportioned Pectorals, and legendary legs, this is the program for you. How can I say this with such confidence?

It’s because Online Personal Training is the ONLY system that incorporates the 3 keys to a fantastic frame;

Personalised Mass Building, Muscle Boosting Programs – designed for your body type and training experience. In order to build the largest amount of lean muscle tissue possible it is necessary to stimulate the muscles and the central nervous system to release growth hormone and build new muscle. Using Online Personal Training I can teach you the most effective techniques to stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibres in the shortest amount of time.

Take a look at a training program now. Click here. Don’t worry, it opens up in a new window so you don’t lose your place.

This intensity when you work provides the incredible stimulus needed for phenomenal gains. But, and here’s the problem for an awful lot of people, if you are not eating the tight foods to support that muscle growth, then you won’t get anywhere – except to injury.

Tailor Made Meal Plans answer this problem. I can design tasty, nutritious and simple eating programs to support huge muscle growth while maintaining minimal fat gains. In order to maximise muscle development you need to take in more calories then you use. 
Take a look at a sample meal plan right now. Just click here to see the wealth of information I provide about the foods you eat. Don’t worry it opens up in a new window so you don’t lose your place here.

Many fitness books and gurus recommend varying amounts of calories, but none are specific to you. That’s where Online Personal Training with me is different. I determine the exact amount of calories you need to pack on slabs of lean muscle mass, I also breakdown each and every meal into the ideal ratios of protein, carbs and fat so you don’t have to.

Finally you need Expert Motivation to keep you performing at your peak Lifting for large muscles requires real dedication and consistent hard work. I work with you to make sure you maintain the physiological edge to keep pushing hard and sweating for your results.


"I’ve added 14lbs of rock hard muscle since training with Paul. My pecs have exploded; my arms are chiselled and defined. My legs are look amazing! This has been the most effective muscle building program I have ever tried!"

Conor – Graphic Designer

General Fitness with Online Personal Training

Reduce the risk of Osteoporosis, heart disease, and more

Using General Fitness with Online Personal Training I can train you and design a program to increase your cardiovascular fitness and general health. The benefits of regular exercise are well documented, and you can enjoy these with the confidence that your program is well balanced and will prevent over and under training.

In combination with your exercise program you can also enjoy a healthy diet. It’s never too late to transform your eating habits and with small steps you can enjoy;

  1. more energy
  2. better skin
  3. improved digestion and function of your internal organs
  4. an increased immune system
  5. and more

I can design complete meal plans to cater for a variety of health concerns. For instance;

  1. Low Fat
  2. Low Carb
  3. Healthy Heart
  4. Low Cholesterol
  5. Energy Booster
  6. Healthy Aging
  7. Mature Women
  8. GI Based Diets
  9. Vegetarian / Vegan and Wheat Free Program’s

Take a look at a sample meal plan right now. Just click here to see the wealth of information I provide about the foods you eat. Don’t worry it opens up in a new window so you don’t lose your place here.

I also can cater a number of healthy diet templates for Disease Prevention such as:

  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Stable Blood Sugar
  3. Heart Disease
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Stroke Prevention
  6. Cancer Prevention
  7. And more

If you’d like to improve your general health you can do no better than training with me through Online Personal Training. Click Here to Learn more and watch my complete video guide to Online Personal Training. It opens in a new window so you won't lose your place.

If you’d like to improve your general health you can do no better than training with me through Online Personal Training.


"I just wanted to thank you! For years I've had really bad back pain, and I haven't been able to play with my kids, tend my garden or go shopping - but now I CAN! I can't beleive how strong your program has made me. My back never hurts me now. "

Elaine – Teacher

Perfect Your Performance, Enhance Your Game and Focus on Finishing Line Success

Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training

Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training can transform your technique and fine tune your performance. If you would like the cutting edge to enhance the level of your game I’d love to help you. Thanks to Online Personal Training I can.

I’ve been a competitive athlete and I know the demands and the level of effort it takes to be the best. Although I focused on the Martial Arts (I trained for over 14 years) I understand sports and more importantly the need for sports specific training.

If you play football, I know how to develop the strong legs and explosive strength you need to take off on the field and become unstoppable.

If you’re a serious golf competitor I can develop a full program to enhance your game – I’ve easily added over thirty yards to some client’s swings using my proven techniques. You can get the same benefits from Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training.Take a look at a training program now.

Click here. Don’t worry, it opens up in a new window so you don’t lose your place.

Tennis players require fast footwork and incredible arm strength, particularly in the shoulders and the forearms. Working with me I can improve your strength and conditioning, co-ordination and more.

Runners and athletes are no problem either – endurance programs to develop the whole body for long distance or explosive techniques to improve sprints are both areas I am familiar with. If you want to imporve your performance Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training is hte way to go.

Martial Artists are my big speciality. Having trained and taught Martial Arts I know every exercise to maximise your potential. If you want to move faster and harder, kick higher and faster, improve your balance and co-ordination Online Personal Training is an excellent way to maximise your fighting fitness and combat conditioning.

Training programs are only one half of the problem though; you need proper nutrition to support peak performance. This can be complicated depending on your sports goals. Luckily I take care of that for you. I design a fully comprehensive nutritional program to make sure each aspect of your performance is supported. I analyse and breakdown each aspect of your diet and order your protein, carb and fat ratios.

Take a look at a sample meal plan right now. Just click here to see the wealth of information I provide about the foods you eat. Don’t worry it opens up in a new window so you don’t lose your place here.


"Dude this is unreal. I've been following your program for 2 months now and I'm killing people on the feild. I'm bigger, I'm faster and I'm so much stronger. I'm mowing down ever opponent on the pitch. My coach wants to know what I've been doing to get in such great shape! Thanks again! THIS STUFF ROCKS!"

Kieth - High School Rugby Player.

Reach new heights of physical fitness and achieve the sought after body beautiful, using the same secret behind the Hollywood hunk and sexy screen starlet!

What ever your resources I will design a programme, specific to your goals. If you want to workout at home – no problem. You have a membership to a gym? Great I’ll show you how to use the available equipment to its maximum potential so we can see yours. Free weights, machines, stability ball training, elastic bands, your local park, the lobby of the airport – it doesn’t matter. You can workout anywhere you want, any way you want and I will show you how.I’ll design a program to build you the body you want, designed to generate incredible results and motivate you to new heights of physical and aesthetic excellence. Take a look at a training program now. Click here. Don’t worry, it opens up in a new window so you don’t lose your place.

You can also watch this full video presentation, An Introduction to Online Personal Training Video and learn how it can help you by clicking here.

I’ll design a full meal template to teach you the right nutritious foods to get the most out of your body. I’ll show you the secrets of calories that will have you losing weight from the inside out and revealing the lean, toned, athletic body within.

Take a look at a sample meal plan right now. Just click here to see the wealth of information I provide about the foods you eat. Don’t worry it opens up in a new window so you don’t lose your place here.

Absolutely everything will be designed and taken care of for you. I am going to walk you through each exercise with full descriptions and details but better than that – I am going to show you.

I am going to build you your own personal fitness website. You’ll have your own password protected account where you can see your full training timetable updated a week in advance. Here you will find each and every exercise demonstrated for you – that’s right I will build you your own personal exercise video library. Each high quality video will show how to do every movement - each and every nuance of your exercises shown in crystal clear detail. You can download them and watch them time and again until you are comfortable with the technique shown.

Watch a Training Video RIGHT NOW. Click Here.

But it goes beyond that – on your site you will be able to log in the exact details of your workout – allowing me to customise and tailor it even further - Refining the program to your body, to create the perfect routine capable of delivering real results.

Wow. After all that I know what you must be thinking; “This is going to cost me a fortune isn’t it?”

One of the key aspects of my goals in building was to help you achieve yours without costing you an arm and leg.

It starts as little as $55 per month – that’s it.That is the total investment you need to make. That works out at a $1.80 a day. What do you waste less than two dollars on a day? A newspaper, a cheap cup of coffee, a Mars bar? You have a choice, right now to keep doing that or invest it in your health and fitness by working online with me.

It’s an awful lot less than working with me in person at $100 per session but you still get the hands on personal training, motivation and knowledge that comes from working with me, from working with the best.

Remember this isn’t an automated machine designing generic programs – this is me, assessing, devising and planning the most effective program UNIQUE to YOU using my specialist knowledge of fitness and Isometrics.

All this for as less that as $2 a day…..

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up

• A Comprehensive Fitness Assessment – Every detail needed to know your goals, desires, lifestyle and how to get you to the body of your dreams.

• A fully Personalised Fitness Programme designed for YOU

• Fully Tailored Workouts designed for Stability Ball, Weights, Body Weight, Balance Training, Aerobics and more – any way you want to train with the equipment available to you.

• Full Meal Templates to MAXIMISE your results

• Complete Nutritional Breakdowns of all your foods – nothing is left to chance, everything is fully explained so you are never in doubt as to what to eat

• Thousands of delicious, tasty, satisfying and nutritious recipes – there’s no way you’ll eat right if it tastes like cardboard is there?

• A complete body transformation exercise program – take your body form where you are now to the physique of your dreams

• Detailed descriptions of every exercise and movement – master your movements

• Beginning and midpoint photos to illustrate the correct technique – never be unsure you are doing the right thing again

• Virtual Training Video – That’s right! Watch each exercise being performed as many times as you like.

• Interactive Fitness and Food Logs – keep track of your improving fitness and physique and let me focus in on the fine points of your program

• Unlimited Motivation – with me pushing you every step of the way and supporting you in your fitness goals you are never alone.

• My personal email address – any questions, or queries you’ve got me on stand by to offer my advice encouragement support and knowledge. Need an exercise changed, no problem? Eating enigma? Let me know.

• Freedom from insecurity, freedom from a lack of results and the freedom to workout, whenever, however with the confidence that you have your OWN personal Trainer guiding you every step of the way.

 …And so much more…

So What’s the Catch?

None – except I can only take a limited number of people on to this program. That’s right. In order to make sure everyone receives the highest level of training possible I can only take on

200 27 Clients - NO MORE!

Sorry Folks I'm at my Limit and no longer taking on new clients at this time. However If you'd like to put your name down on the waiting list you can do so through my contact me page.

That’s the limit folks. 200 27 O people get to be part of this program and get to change their lives and improve their fitness levels dramatically. Will you be one of them?

You can join the program right now and get started transforming your body, or you can wait and procrastinate and do nothing. Somebody else will take that place and start making progress towards their goals. Don’t make that mistake. Take the opportunity now. I'm looking forward to helping you achieve your goals. Don't delay any longer. In 12 weeks you could have a whole new body .

Choose One of These Programs Today to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

I'm not going to say much else because you have done your research. You have come to the same exact conclusion as tons of my successful clients... is simply the most comprehensive site on Isometrics – the scientifically proven method for developing lean muscle mass, incredible strength and weight loss in the fastest time possible. 

It is also has the ONLY Isometric online personal training program. Period. My results are guaranteed. You do the work – you’ll get the gains you want.

You are about to experience a safe, effective, and results focused program built by an actual professional trainer. No hype. Just results.

Below are three plans for you to choose from to dramatically change your body. Each subscription plan costs you less than a ONE HOUR session with a personal trainer. That's a huge saving. 

Find which one suits you best. Then...

TAKE THE NEXT STEP. Action will produce results.

Signing up is so simple. You'll be done in 5 minutes. Choose your plan and in less than one day you will have everything you need for the entire month.

All my programs are backed up by a 100% guarantee and you may end your subscription at any time, so there is no risk to you. I look forward to helping you succeed any way that I can. Look for your confirmation email in less than one day from signing up. Enjoy :)

Plan 1: Monthly Subscription

Monthly Plan - This introductory plan allows you to see that Online Personal Training is an effective way to get the body you want in the time you have.

This plan is ideal for those new to the benefits of Online Training and allows you to test drive your trainer, me, and ensure that you are comfortable with every aspect of Online Personal Trainer.

Plan 2: 6 Month Membership- Save Over 10%

6 Month Membership - This plan is ideal for those already those who are already familiar with Online Training and want to focus on a specific goal. The 6 month period allows you to take a break from your usual program or routine and focus on a new aspect of health, fitness of your physique - An excellent choice for the athlete or competitor as well as those who want to shape up for the summer or New Year.

After the initial term of membership, the 6-month program will be billed every 6 months at $390.00

Plan 3: 12 Month Membership – Save over 25%

12 Month Membership - 12 Month Membership 

The best value package by far. I respect your commitment and dedication and I appreciate that decision, so with this option you save the most money. This is the best program for the beginner. One year from now you will have a completely different physique, soaring fitness levels and firmly established healthy habits - A truly life changing program.

After the initial term of membership, the 12-month program will be billed every 12 months at $660.00

All my Programs are backed up by a 100% guarantee. If you find you are not getting the results in 30 days, simply let me know and you will get a FULL 100% refund.

You have nothing to lose

Sign Up Now while places are still available.

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