Optimum Anabolics Review

Can You Really Get More Muscle Than Ever Before Without Protein?

By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Optimum Anabolics comprises of a primary e-book totaling 119 pages. It is accompanied by a series of bonuses including an Optimum Anabolics Workout program and body composition tracking software. It is available for instant download here. This review focuses on the primary e-book and the Workouts in the first bonus.

Optimum Anabolics is an unusual book. It is primarily designed for the younger male market I suspect, as the tone of the book is relaxed, informal and in many parts very juvenile. This is of course makes it very easy to read. In fact I was able to thoroughly go through the book and extra material in just 4 and half hours.

In keeping with the teenager approach a "Cartoon Jeff" pops up from time to time to reinforce and highlight important points. There are also sidebars that form the core teaching of Optimum Anabolics which are reviewed in the final pages of the book.

The book and the program are broken down into 8 Anabolic Factors for growth. They are;

Factor 1 – Hyper-Adaptive Cycling
Factor 2 – Body Part Training Frequency
Factor 3 – Training Session Length
Factor 4 – Exercise Selection and Form
Factor 5 – Number of Repetitions and Weight
Factor 6 – Repetition Speed
Factor 7 – Rest Cycles
Factor 8 – Diet

The majority of the information contained here is not revolutionary by any means. Jeff is sensible and consistent with many of his recommendations although he presents it in his unique manner. For instance get 8 hours of sleep a day – important for maximal muscle growth – but also as he puts it - so you can dream about the hot blondes in the gym oiling up your muscled body…hmm...not exactly scientific…but amusing.

Here is one example of an Optimum Anabolics Transformation

Amandi, the young man shown here is apparently just one of hundreds of successful people who have used this sytem. You can read his and more stories on Jeff's site here.

So what is Different about this book? Why is it worth $97?

Two factors separate this book from any other I have read – and I have read a lot.

The understanding of Hyper-Adaptive Cycling and the Protein Deprivation as discussed in the diet section of the manual.

According to Jeff, to obtain an Optimum Anabolic Response you must train your muscles to think that the next workout will be harder then the next. Thus when you ease off, the body relieved by this seeming miracle over compensates (e.g. Hyper-Adapts) by packing on as much muscle as possible in the shortest amount of time in fear of the next super tough workout…which you delay…

There is the first trick of the system. Jeff breaks your training into 2 cycles of three weeks. A brutal 3 week progressive overload phase, followed by 3 weeks of far easier lifting in the Adaptation Phase.

Jeff also provides a specific series of exercises for each muscle group to use during the program and during the above Phases.

Increasing Testosterone output and muscle growth through Protein Deprivation

This is very, very interesting. I won’t give the whole game away, but here’s the basic idea. If your body is deprived of enough protein and Jeff lists specific amounts, your body, in an absolute panic to survive the next workout at the end of third week will over release huge amounts of testosterone and Human Growth Hormone to compensate. You allow this to build and then re-introduce a surplus of protein, which again Jeff discusses in detail. The result is your body sucks it up likes there is no tomorrow and bam you should now have huge muscles.

That’s the theory anyway…

The Problems with Optimum Anabolics

As you know I love my isometrics and partial ranges of motion, but that does not mean I don’t see the benefit of full range traditional methods...so I won’t put that in the negative column.

What I do criticize is the exercise instruction. Jeff offer’s no photos, or images demonstrating the exercises he suggests. The text he offers is quite short, perhaps 3-4 lines only. It would have been nice had he provided comprehensive instruction.

Still you can easily obtain proper instruction from other sources.

My second concern, and slightly more serious is the nutritional information. Provided – or lack thereof. Although Nutrition is a key aspect of the Optimum Anabolics program and Jeff gives detailed guidelines on how to find your specific calorie needs (with a very handy table) he provides NO breakdowns about foods.

Although you know how many calories should come from protein, carbs and fat you won’t find any information on what foods provide that. Some general advice is given but no breakdowns of chicken, or turkey – no resources on how to build a meal.

Luckily I can design my own and know the information necessary to plan tasty and nutritious meals in a matter of minutes that easily fit into the required calories for the Program.

The Important Question - Does Optimum Anabolics Work?

Theoretically it would seem to. The point Jeff makes regarding protein deprivation leading to Anabolic Response is certainly interesting. Whether it works in Reality or not – that’s another question entirely. And there is only one way to answer it – Try the program. So that’s what I’m doing …

Starting Monday 18th September 2006 I will be putting aside my own training protocols and following Optimum Anabolics. I will be posting daily reports not only on how I doing with regards the program but my emotional response to the diet and training methods.

UPDATE - My Optimum Anabolics Training Journal - Learn how I put on 2 INCHES of ROCK SOLID MUSCLE on my shoulders in 7 days!! Check out my training journal now!

I invite you to join me for the ride. You can follow along with my progress by signing up to my newsletter (subscribe for free here) and I will also be doing a weekly video diary as well so you can examine the physical changes that take place.

Details on a dedicated web page for that will follow soon – so sign up to the newsletter now so you don’t miss this LIVE training experiment!

If you would like to Join me on the program and send me your feedback, you get you copy of the program here. Send me your details and progress reports and I’ll share them in the weekly updates.

You can read what Jeff has to say in his Free Special Report and purchase Optimum Anabolics Here.

Was my Optimum Anabolics Review Helpful? Follow my Progress on the Program.

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