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By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Isometric Video Blog is the beginning of a new experiment here on where I update you new and exciting information that’s coming out in the world of isometrics and fitness in general, not to mention share with you my own personal videos throughout the year as I changed my physique and strength using isometrics. You’ll get to see some great video demonstrations, answers to some of the big questions I get asked, some mind blowing feats of strength, and of course the hilarious stuff where I royally screw up. ;-)

In this the very first isometric video blog post I reveal some details of the my year long experiment and the amazing results achieved in the most unrealistic time frame you could imagine. This literally will blow your socks off....that is...if you can follow it....I did lose the plot somewhat and got way to’ll see what I mean in the first isometric video blog below.

Watch the Isometric Video Blog below, and leave your suggestions, requests and feedback below! Oh and I posted the transcript of the video below the comments section, just in case!

What Did YOU think of the first Isometric Video Blog?

So how did I do in my first video blog? Do you like the idea and want to see more? Well tell me what you want covered!

Did you read over the webpage I was on about...


What are you excited about?

Post your comments, feedback and suggestions below!

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Project Dragon - Will do it for sure! 
Project Dragon - I will try it - definitely..thanks in advance!

Your Body? 
Just wondering how come you haven't shown any photographs of your body now, after so much isometrics and such, rather than just the 8 week transformation …

Sound Quality 
The sound quality was poor. Too low volume with background noise.

Perfect Companion To 7 Seconds 
I honestly cannot wait any longer.It sounds like the perfect partner for 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body! I hope it's not as expensive as 7 Seconds to A Perfect …

Excited by Project Dragon 
I came across you through Sean Bennett and static contraction training. I am using the EF7000 machine, doing Tabata fitness protocol on a bike and running …

Paul, loving the vid mate. It's hilarious! Your enthusiasm is infectious and i am totally psyched about this up and coming project. Would love to see …

Love the Isometric Video Blog 
Hi Paul, Love the isometric video blog - brilliant idea. You're enthusiasm really comes through in the video, though I did get lost in parts as to what …

Thank you Paul 
Paul, you did fine with the blog. I love your boyish enthusiasm! I like the video blog idea very much indeed. Please continue with them. Yes, I did …

Let's get ready to rumble! 
Paul - I am ready to get the body I want! I trust your system lets get ready to rumble!!!!

Loving the Results so Far Not rated yet
I think that for what I have found so far, I am beginning to already see results. (I'm doing very basic Isometric exercises.) Maybe I will make a video …

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Isometric Video Blog Transcript

The following is the transcript of my Isometric Video Blog....

Tis the season to be jolly – and I certainly am. My Christmas shopping is done; I have some really exciting news below, a new article by popular demand and some REALLY important updates. It’s Christmas and many of you are probably rushed off your feet looking for that perfect X-mas present, busy preparing for the holidays and more, so I’ll cut right to the chase.

A year ago I put a special invitation only web page, asking for your advice and impressions – this page contained a VERY important message about the lies in the fitness industry and the real facts behind achieving an incredible physique. I went on to show startling information on what you really. Impossible results. Here is just a sample of the data I complied -

  • 2 inches of the waist in 7 days
  • A drop of 5% body fat in just 7 days
  • Over a stone lost in 2.5 weeks.
  • 25% increase in strength
  • Drop in resting heart rate in by over 10bpm in 5 days
  • Cardiovascular recovery rate time cut in half! Literally one subject doubled his fitness in just 5 days!

And here’s the kicker - training time took less than 20 minutes for the full week. That’s not 20 minutes a day – that is less than 20 minutes of exertion over a whole week!

Well, it got even better…the continued results showed

  • Over a stone (14+lbs) of pure fat lost in just 4 weeks
  • A drop of 10% bodyfat in just 6 weeks (14 weeks faster than any conventional weight loss program)
  • New Personal Bests in a variety of lifts
  • Continued increase in recovery times from 4.30 minutes to only 1.13. Nearly 4 times faster recovery from exertion.
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • And a load more

When I released this page I received over 2,000 requests for more information – but like I said and as you’ll see on the page THERE is not product to sell you.

Well that’s not quite true. Because I read each and every one of those 2,000 plus responses, and I have an answer to them. I have an answer for Tara, John, Rhys, Ad, Kristen and Jerome whose biggest problem was losing weight. I have answer for David, Mike, Thais, Kevon, Declan and Albert who didn’t know how to lose weight while improving their strength. I have an answer for Louise, Ron, Fred, Irvine and Solomon who wanted to improve the strength of their hearts and reverse heart disease. I have an answer for Andy, Reese, John, Jesse, Kevin and Amanda who wanted to build more muscle quickly and safely.

And I have an answer for you.

That answer will be revealed in January. So if you’re worried about putting on a few pounds over Christmas or want to start this decade off with a bang and have the physique you’ve always dreamed of – I have you covered. Not only that, but I’ll show you how to get OLYMPIC ATHLETE level fitness in just 4 weeks. I know this seems impossible but go to the page I released privately last year and you’ll see the evidence for yourself.

But I KNEW this still wouldn’t be enough. I KNEW I’d need to prove this. So I went off for a YEAR and tested it every which way from Sunday.

After Christmas I’ll be releasing a series of startling case studies you can check out for free. These Case Studies will give you a little more insight into the most revolutionary and comprehensive fitness and health regime ever devised.

I’ve tested this over a YEAR with everyone from a 62 year old obese pharmaceutical rep who know has a 6 pack, to a 52 year old housewife with a body fat of over 35% who lost 9 inches off her waist in 8 weeks, and 21.5% body fat to boot! Not only I’ll show you IN REAL TIME a working example of the system, and of course the daily photos, video logs and more I took during my most radical transformation yet.

The name of this year long experiment was Project Dragon – and soon, very soon, I’ll share it with you so that you can in 2010 you’ll be the stronger, fitter, leaner and more muscular than you EVERY imagined.

You can see the exclusive post that began this on the website below.


Take a look at the page and post your comments and impressions above. Let me know what you think.

And have a happy Christmas, because you will definitely have a happy new year. 2009 is the end of decade and Project Dragon will be the end of the lies in the fitness industry and the beginning of the average man and woman achieving previously thought impossible levels of health, fitness and possessing lean muscular bodies that will let them achieve anything.

You’ve been watching Isometric Video Blog. Check out the Isometrics Video List here. 

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