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by John
(Lousiana, USA)

Hi Paul,

Love the isometric video blog - brilliant idea. You're enthusiasm really comes through in the video, though I did get lost in parts as to what you were talking about. ;-)

Very excited about Project Dragon. I''ve been following your Perfect Body program for months now and have seen GREAT results and I expect this new plan of yours will really help get me to a new level.

I'm looking forward to hearing more and seeing more of your video blogs...can we ask questions and get video answers or demonstrations?

Keep up the deadly work!

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Dec 28, 2009
What Am I talking about?
by: Paul from

Hey John,

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I did get a bit too carried away there I think. I hope the transcript made things a bit easier to follow.

Basically what I''m going on about is a new method of brief training that will combine everything I''ve been working on to date to create a synergistic effect producing amazing results. It will develop the heart and lungs, improve fitness and recovery times, build muscle tissue like people put on body fat and blow torch away any excess tissue. Cardio, muscle, diet all covered...but I have some other stuff in the works that I'm going to get everyones opinion on soon. ;-)

All the best and thanks again for letting me know your thoughts.

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