Your Body?

by Matthew
(New York)

Just wondering how come you haven't shown any photographs of your body now, after so much isometrics and such, rather than just the 8 week transformation given on the home page and everything? (Also in your interview you said there was one where you went too big that you might post on the site if readers wanted) Just curious because it would be interesting to see how far you've come now since then.

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Feb 18, 2010
by: Matthew

Ahhh I see. That makes perfect sense, I was just curious for all this time haha. It's possible that it could help if you posted different stages isometrics has taken your body (to prove both mass or lean) but then again i believe what you said about your sites purpose is more important than that, so I think you should go with what your site stands for instead. But thanks for the reply and looking forward to part two of your case study!

Feb 15, 2010
My current pics
by: Paul from

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the question and it's a good one, though funnily doesn't come up as often as I thought it would.

The simple answer is that's not the focus of this site. is a site dedicated to exploring isometrics, how it works and why. It's not my personal blog site, nor is it a site like with a profile section. Perhaps that's something I should include?

All the "phsyique" photos of me actually appear on a totally different site ( which is about my own isometric-program.

The other consideration I have is a purely selfish one. I don't want the hassle. Let me explain.

I am happy with my physique, and as you'll see in the case studies I'm releasing at present actually take daily photosand have for over 3 years now. Thats for me, personally. Not for the site. It would take time to upload and label them correctly here and I don't see a huge benefit in doing so.

There's another problem with photos though - you can't please everyone all of the time.

The fact is I've been big muscle wise and fat wise. I personally don't like how I feel at either. I don't like being a mass of muscles like many other people would. After Perfect Body I didn't want t get bigger as I mentioned I felt uncomfortable with my mass by week 10.

If I post pics of me lean and muscular as I am comfortable at 155lbs at 8% - 10% body fat, then I get spammed with email and comments that Isometrics can't build MASS and that I'm tiny, weak and small. That's not the case but that's what people who focus only on having 19 inch arms feel.

.........CONTINUED BELOW..............

Feb 15, 2010
Where are the photos of me?
by: Paul from


If I post pics of me bigger at 190lbs at 10%-12% I look huge, but also I think stupid. That's not my goal here o the website, or with my products. I teach people to be healthy, fit, and strong and to get the body they want.

They can be lean and small with a Bruce Lee physique, or they can be big and muscular with 19 inch arms. They can be and do both with the exact same program and using isometrics. Posting pics of me automatically LIMITS, the perception of what can be achieved. It doesn't benefit others.

Of course then there is also the issue of fakes. Th pics are done with special lighting, or with cosmetic enhancement, or photoshop, or aliens, that I didn't use isometrics to get my physique...obviously none of that is the case but that's what hits my inbox.

And then there are the very disturbing and dodgey emails from "fans".

And then again - what does a photo show at the end of the day?

Besdies which - I was saving the phtotos for the next case study! ;-)

But this raises an interesting question.

Would daily, weekly, monthly photos of me help? Would they make you more inclined to use isometrics or less? Is it just to be reassured that I'm still here and doing this stuff?

Let me know with your comments below

In the meantime if you do want to see the week 10 picture, I did send it out in an email a while back. If you want just shoot me a mail asking and I'll send it to you Matthew. Th pics of me as I am now, will be released in the case studies. ;-)

Hope that answers your question.


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