by Anton

Paul, loving the vid mate. It's hilarious! Your enthusiasm is infectious and i am totally psyched about this up and coming project.

Would love to see more isometric vids! oh and will you be doing another teleconfrence? I missed the actual call but I got the 45 minute download later.

Could you go over the questions you did at the start or put up a transcript or something for those that missed it?

Loving you work bro,


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Dec 28, 2009
More Teleconfrences?
by: Paul from isometric-training.com

Hi Anton!

Thanks man, I admit I was abit nervous about that first blog, but the feedback seems really good so thanks for that.

I'll definitely do another teleconfrence for people if they want it, and I think I'll go over the first few questions those who didn't make the call in teh next video blog...how's that?

All the best,


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