Abs Exercise Isometrics

Tight Toned Waists and Sculpted Six Packs – In the office, in the car, anywhere you want and in 30 seconds

By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Abs Exercise Isometrics focuses on the strength and tone of three aspects of the abs and core; 

  1. The Rectus Abdominus (the muscles forming the "six-pack")
  2. The Transverse Abdominus (the muscles that pull in your stomach and keep your stomach flat)
  3. The Obliques (V shaped muscles that taper your waist line, also known as the "love handles")

Each position should ideally be held for 30 seconds at the beginning (though shorter if you fatigue). It should be noted that your blood pressure can rise dramatically when performing these techniques so if you suffer form hyper tension or a heart condition check with your doctor first.

Of course I highly recommend that you work with me 1-to-1 to get the most out of these exercises. I can tailor every technique to your specific goals and devise and personalised program designed to achieve the results you want in the time you have. With your own personal video guides to every exercise you’ll get to your goals quickly and efficiently. Check out Online Personal Training Here. Breathing during isometrics is also very important. You should NEVER hold your breath during Abs Exercise Isometrics or any other body part for that matter. The best way to breath is by taking a deep breath prior to an exercise and while tensing the stomach slowly “hissing” it out like a flat tyre or a snake. This will cause extra tension and power allowing you to push harder and really get the best results.

Here are 3 of the most effective Abs Exercise Isometrics

Abs Exercise Isometrics

The Isometric Stomach Flattener

  1. Sit up tall and straight in your chair.
  2. Breathe in deep and suck in your stomach as hard as you can.
  3. Now tense your stomach hard as though bracing for a punch – still keeping it sucked in
  4. You feel that tightness, a slight quiver in the muscles? Good, that’s the start.
  5. Breathe out tightly making an SSSSSSSSS sound. You’ll feel your abs getting tighter.
  6. As you breathe out crunch your abs really hard rotating your pelvis upwards and your rid cage inwards
  7. Breathe all the way out
  8. Relax

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The Starting Position for the Side Bridge

The Side Bridge

  1. Lie on your right side
  2. Makes sure that your ankles, through your hips, past your shoulders and to the tip of your head is all in a straight line.
  3. Prop yourself up on your elbow, making sure it’s directly below your shoulder. This will bend you at the hips. Your forearm should be flat on the ground and pointing perpendicular to your body
  4. Straighten your whole body like a plank of wood.
  5. Hold this position while sucking in your abs for 30 seconds
  6. Repeat on the other side.

The Side Bridge - Hold this position for 30 Seconds on each side.

BONUS Exercise - Reader Request for the External Obliques

Isometric Body Extension

  1. Go into a box position facing down on the ground. (arms straight and under shoulders, knees under hips, toes pointing backwards)
  2. Bring your hands together
  3. Slowly begin walking your hands forward. Maintain a level back
  4. As you progress you will naturally bring your hips forwards, don’t move your knees
  5. Extend you body out as far as you can
  6. Keep you back straight and level with your butt.
  7. Tighten in your abs as though trying to touch your hands to your feet and crumpling up the earth between.
  8. Hold this position for 30 seconds (if you can ;-)
  9. As you get stronger extend yourself as far as you can without touching the ground


If you’ve followed the above Abs Exercise routine it should have taken no longer than 2 minutes and you have just done a complete abs workout! Your abs should feel warm (maybe slightly stiff if this is your first time), stretched, relaxed and powerful. 

Now...here's what I want you do next. 

  1. Practice the above Isometric contraction every day for a week. Come back here and post how you feel after a week below. I'll be looking for your comments and will keep you on track. 
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