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By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training can transform your technique and fine tune your performance. If you would like the cutting edge to enhance the level of your game I’d love to help you. Thanks to Online Personal Training I can.

I’ve been a competitive athlete and I know the demands and the level of effort it takes to be the best. Although I focused on the Martial Arts (I trained for over 14 years) I understand sports and more importantly the need for sports specific training.

If you play football, I know how to develop the strong legs and explosive strength you need to take off on the field and become unstoppable.

If you’re a serious golf competitor I can develop a full program to enhance your game – I’ve easily added over thirty yards to some client’s swings using my proven techniques. You can get the same benefits from Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training. 

Tennis players require fast footwork and incredible arm strength, particularly in the shoulders and the forearms. Working with me I can improve your strength and conditioning, co-ordination and more.

Runners and athletes are no problem either – endurance programs to develop the whole body for long distance or explosive techniques to improve sprints are both areas I am familiar with. If you want to improve your performance Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training is the way to go.

Martial Artists are my big speciality. Having trained and taught Martial Arts I know every exercise to maximise your potential. If you want to move faster and harder, kick higher and faster, improve your balance and coordination Online Personal Training is an excellent way to maximise your fighting fitness and combat conditioning.

Training programs are only one half of the problem though; you need proper nutrition to support peak performance. This can be complicated depending on your sports goals. Luckily I take care of that for you. I design a fully comprehensive nutritional program to make sure each aspect of your performance is supported. I analyse and breakdown each aspect of your diet and order your protein, carb and fat ratios.

Better yet, take the opportunity to improve your sports performance right now. Click here to review the great benefits Online Personal Training can do for you and Join Me Now.

Sports Specific Fitness with Online Personal Training will give you the competition edge. Contact me to learn more

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