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By Paul "Batman" J.O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Welcome to the FAQ section for 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body members!

This is an exclusive feature I've brought out for the latest release of Perfect Body V.2.5 Previously I simply provided a private email for users to contact me through, however I realized that many of the answers I was giving out to these great questions would benefit all the other members. So here I've created a private forum for us to discuss the techniques and training methods of  7 Seconds to a Perfect Body. 

I'll be populating the forum over the coming weeks with previous Q and A sessions I've done via email over the last few years, in the meantime you are welcome to add your own questions.

How to Submit a Question

You can use the form below to post your questions on the Perfect Body System. I will answer them weekly.

Three important things about the questions...

  1. Please make the questions general (vs. "personal")

    That means that others can relate to them as well. For example, a good very relevant and general question would be "How long should you rest between a session?" A personal type question (that I cannot guarantee an answer to) would be something like : "I have a military entrance exam coming up in 2 weeks. Can you design a Perfect Body workout program for me the 2 weeks leading up to it?"
  2. If you can refer to and relate it to specific parts of the Perfect Body program that would be great! (that way others will know where to look)
  3. Before posting, do check out below the form that this question has not been asked before. Chance are if you're asking it, I've answered it before. 

Finally, on submission use at least your first name and last name initial.

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body Members Only FAQ

...and read what others have asked before you below the form.

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What Other Members Have Asked

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Lat Exercises 
Hi Paul! When doing the standing Lat Leg Pull I notice that there is a little strain near the lower back. Initially I was quite concerned but I think …

Posing ... 
Every great bodybuilding practiced a posing routine. That's isometrics basically. How come they didn't overtrain by doing weights plus all the poses and …

learning how to contract a muscle again 
Hi Paul I recently had surgery on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff, labral repair, and impingement syndrome. The Dr's have cleared me for limited …

How can you tell if you're doing a 100% contraction? 
most isometric newbies may not be able to fully contract the muscle, how can you tell if you are? I often find when i do iso's that i can contract the …

Didnt recieve some of the updates 
Paul recently on you Facebook page you said there are some updates, one of them was about losing 3 pounds of fat in one workout, then another one was released …

Using the PB Forum 
Hi Paul, After reading a post here, how do I go back and read other posts without re-entering my password? Brent W.

Opposite side sequence... 
Hi Paul, I asked this in an email and you gave me a great answer. I thought I should get this on the forum for everyone else: When performing an …

Order of exercise for greater results 
Hello, Paul I've got a question on the order of exercises in Perfect Body, Arms section. I'm performing all arms exercises in one day. Thanks to …

Personal - New release - Sneak Peak - and last 30 mins  
Dear Paul, I gave up. I own the e-book but I have been unable to see the new format and the exclusive video. Please your advice. I couldn't even retrieve …

Problem with password to the book 
Dear Paul, I've just returned from my vacation and opened the book. I was most surprised to see a message, that my username and password were disabled. …

Should Your Muscles Burn and Doing a Second Set? 
Hey Paul, I've been using your book religiously now for almost 7 days and am definitely starting to see some results, although its hard to tell as I …

I've Reached my Size Goals..but Still Want Strength? 
Hello. I have been using isometrics for my legs and have been building both strength and size. The thing is, I want to maintain my size at this point …

Wrist problem 
Hi Paul, In the past I had some wrist problems from boxing. It is safe practicing exercises as single arm forearm curls and extension? I feel no pain …

Exercise routine 
Hi Paul Is it better to do all exercises for a body part everyday,all exercises for all body parts everyday or one exercise per body part for 7 sections …

Hi Mr Paul I've a question to ask, I am afflicted with a condition called Scoliosis which means a curvature of the spine and this makes one shoulder …

Warm up before exercises 
How should one warm up before performing isometric exercises or project dragon routine? How long should such warm up last? Thank You very much.

The Superman question 
Hi Paul, Is the exercise superman different for ABS and for Back? During back exercise I push body upwards with back muscles and hold for 7 sec breathing …

Hi Paul, In the forum Rest and Recovery you talk about the time between muscles group . How long should one rest between two exercises, say between the …

Overwhelmed with the number of exercises...... 
Hey Paul :) I am having difficulty with starting the program due to feeling overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of exercises. Would you pick a few basic …

Bruce Lee Chain Exerciser 
Hey Paul Quick question for you... I recently made my own isometric device which is just a board I stand on with a chain and bar attached to it. I …

Iso Power Breathing 
Hi, When I practicing isometric power breathing (chapter 3 in 7 sec to perfect body) I get headache when i breath out fully. I want be sure If I doing …

Question about Maxick exercises 
Hi Paul, I find Maxick's book and exercises very interesting, but there are many things he omits in the book. For instance: - Should the exercises …

General questions about Isometrics 
Hi Paul, I have some general questions for you about doing the isometric exercises presented in "7 seconds to a perfect body". 1- During a session, …

Okay I'm definitely a believer in isometrics. I've gotten more muscles in 7 weeks than a weightlifting program for 2 years. The only thing I'm worried …

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Protein drinks and milk 
Hi Paul When you mix whey protein with a liquid, is it best to mix it with water? Also, what is your opinion on mixing it with milk or what's your …

Question About Contraction Time 
Hi Paul, I've been making gradual but steady progress with the exercises. I was doing the pushup exercise today and thought of this question. You …

Username and Password Problem 
Hi Paul, Sorry to bother you, but I'm having problems with my e-book. The username and password have been rejected, and I was wondering if you could …

On the Breathing Techniques 
Good morning my name is kim My question is with the breathing exercise......in the instructions you say to go through the exercise then without relaxing …

Joint Angle 
Hi, Will these exercises just strengthen the angle of the joint or the entire muscle? Thanks.

Blood pressure 
Will doing these exercises spike my blood pressure? Thanks.

On Developing the Glutes 
Several people have commented lately on how toned I’m getting, so there must be some marked improvement. Encouraging! I want badly for the 7-second workout …

Rest and Recovery  
Hi folks, In Perfect Body I suggest 7 days off - however, I still believe in daily training, hence the reference to perform the exercises daily. …

isometrics and aerobics Not rated yet
Hi Paul As much as the exercises provide in strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance, they dont give a good aerobic workout. I have been doing a …

Reverse shoulder pullback and project dragon update Not rated yet
Dear Paul, I've already purchased both 7 seconds to a perfect body and project dragon. Both these systems are amaazing. I was more than astounished, …

Muscle Spasm Not rated yet
Hi Paul Today I practicing some isometric leg exercises. It is normal when during some exercises muscles shaking a lot? Today at first time I felt …

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