Order of exercise for greater results

by Elmero

Hello, Paul

I've got a question on the order of exercises in Perfect Body, Arms section. I'm performing all arms exercises in one day. Thanks to Your videos- now I really feel that my shoulders are working the way they should. In Your book, You place isometric biceps curl after the diamond hold. And than it is followed by cross arm conraction. When performed in that order, I feel great contraction of the biceps muscle. But when I put the cross arm contraction right after the diamond hold - I feel my triceps contractiong as hard as they can, when the biceps receive less stimulation in this particular exercise. Which order of exercise would You recemmend for best arms development and why?

Second question is on putting together progect dragon and perfect body. I train myself using perfect body. In case I want to go beyond - I add project dragon exercise. For example chest press. How do I combine these two systems? Should I do chest press and chest perfect body routine on one day or stop performing isometric chest exercises and do only chest press? Sorry if my questions are unprecise.

When a person trains using project dragon and he reaches his goal, he switches to perfect body. But when the situation is oppisite - I'm confused.

By the way - my mother started performing chest press using phase 1 project dragon. She was most sceptical at first - but after the third training she saw the results not only in the targeted muscles - chest shoulder and triceps, but also on her buttocks. She is now a great believer in proper training, although it's rather hard for her to accept the idea that for quite a period of time she way training wrong.

Are You planning to put some more videos to perfect body?

Looking forward to hearing from You and reading project dragon online. Manny happy returns of the day. Elmero

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Feb 24, 2012
General Comments and Video's! NEW
by: Paul from Isometric-Training.com

That's also great news on your mother dude, I hope she keep it up. Women really benefit from ding isometrics as it can prevent the onset of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, which are particularly prevalent in women.

Also yes, more vids will be uploaded to Perfect Body, sometime around early March. ;-)

All the best,


Feb 24, 2012
Perfect Body and Project Dragon NEW
by: Paul from Isometric-Training.com

This really isn't the correct forum to address this question and it's already answered in the Project Dragon FAQ section in the book.


If you're following project dragon go through the proper progression; Phase 1, phase 2 etc. If you want you can do some light specific iso's for that area AFTER the DSR's to help speed up recovery. Keep it to a 60% contraction.

As I said there's a detailed answer in the Project Dragon bonus FAQ book on DSR's. ;-)

Feb 22, 2012
Order of Exercise NEW
by: Paul

Hi Elmero,

The order of exercise is correct as I have written. Diamond hold followed by the bicep work and cross arm contraction finish. The reason for this is sequential fiber exhaustion based on the anatomical structure of the arms. The biceps has 2 heads, the triceps 3. The triceps are the dominant arm muscle and can recruit far more power, thus in order to have a balance and symmetry in your training an development it is necessary to pre-exhaust the triceps (hence them first) then the biceps.

The cross arm contraction is designed to stimulate both equally, not one over the other. This suggest you are not engaging the antagonist pairs correctly. Pay closer attention to the contraction sequence and re watch the videos to clarify the direction of contraction.

All the best,


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