learning how to contract a muscle again

by Frustrated

Hi Paul

I recently had surgery on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff, labral repair, and impingement syndrome. The Dr's have cleared me for limited exercise and have approved Iso's. I am finding it almost impossible to contract any muscles in my upper arm and upper back. Do you have any suggestions that might help with learning to contract again? My goal is to re-do PB then move onto Maximetrics.

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Jun 11, 2013
WOW thanks NEW
by: Nick

Hi Paul

I had been using a heavy strap (tow strap) to help contracting but I wasnt moving through the range of motion. That was causing the muscle spasms and pain. I tried the ROM as you suggested this morning with light/moderate tension and no pain! Thank you Paul, I look forward to PB again and then Maximetrics. Thank you for being the kind of trainer that actually helps their students.

Jun 11, 2013
Starting Again NEW
by: Paul from Isometric Training

Hi Frustrated,

Got to say I don't blame you for the name choice. I've been badly injured a number of times myself so I know full well the frustration and irritation it can bring.

In re-learning to contract a muscle it can - sometimes - be helpful to move the muscle through a full range of Motion, - this was a key component in the methodology behind Project Dragon.

Using a light resistance band, or your body's own resistance e.g. your other arm, slowly take the muscle through the range of motion it moves through and provide light resistance, not enough to majorly work the muscle but enough to re-train it's engagement. Doing this a few times over the week will help you re-pattern the muscle engagement and you'll be able to move on Perfect Body once more.

Hope that helps,


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