You gotta remember when it came out.

by Mark G.

While I agree that 'Never Gymless' is in many ways a much more complete guide to BW exercises that CC, it wasn't yet released back when CC first came out.

In fact I would say that CC paved the way for Ross' (and many others') materials.

I cruised through army airborne school after a winter of pretty much just doing the stuff from this book. I wasn't other than occasional sprints (recommended in CC)and when I went to Jump school the long runs, and PT all seemed pretty easy to me.

Plus, I don't think that it's all bad that there isn't a ton of detail in the book. Exercise isn't supposed to be rocket science, and having some room to experiment with things and make up your own routines is sometimes a good thing. I believe that this is what Clarence Bass refers to as the "ownership principle."


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