Words From the Old Side ...

by Steve Peach
(United Kingdom)

I have used isometrics on a limited level for several years. Most of my training has been with weights, but I'm starting to get joint pains, so that has to stop. Now I'm nearing the magic 60, I've decided to start putting the maximum effort and visualisation into every isometric exercise that I do.

This will hopefully get me on the route to continued fitness as I get older. For the record, I'm 5 feet 7 inches tall, about 8 per cent body fat and I weigh 11 stone 8 pounds. A Bruce Lee physique with heavier shoulders, chest and upper arms.

I want to get this down to 10 stone 8 pounds. Ho ho ho.

Realistically, 11 stone is probably achievable, but I'm expecting that to take about six months.

This will be with 35-minute workouts, six days out of seven, with a ten-second hold.

We'll see how it goes. ........

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