what was his forearm workout?

by Joshua Garrison
(hanover park,IL)

ok so i'm a gymnast and so many people tell me i have the body shape like bruce lee, but ive been trying to get forearms like him any ideas?

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Jun 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have asked many bodybuilders the same question, I work out everyday and I am in pretty good shape however my forearms used to be very small. I have been told not to waste time doing isolated forearm workouts instead just focus on Back Day. When you do back workouts you train your forearms, so things like bent over dumbbell rows are great, so are Lat Pulldowns and Pullups. Basically anything that involves a pulling motion is going to work out your forearms and make them much bigger

Oct 13, 2013
Bowling Pin forearms.
by: Paul from Isometric-Training.com

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your question. Firstly Bruce's forearm routine has been very well documented. In fact in my Perfect Body program (www.perfect-body.me)I include several forearm exercises used by the Dragon and if you follow the facebook page you'll have seen the size of my forearms from using those same exercises. Bowling Pin is a good description.

In addition to that there are several more exotic techniques that both Bruce and I have used that stem from the traditional martial arts. These include towel rolling to develop *tenuchi* a particular type of martial arts grip. There is isometric barbell curling, another favourite of mine and weight rolling which is a REAL forearm burner.

I'll have more on this in a series of upcoming articles and I'm working on a new book for martial arts forearm development and strengthening. ;-)

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