Warm up before exercises

How should one warm up before performing isometric exercises or project dragon routine? How long should such warm up last? Thank You very much.

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Nov 28, 2011
Warming Up
by: Paul from Isometric-Training.com

I cover warm ups in both Perfect Body and Project Dragon. They're fairly simple.

There is no need to perform any stretching or warm up exercises with Perfect Body. You can go straight into the exercises, allowing 3-4 seconds of muscular tension build up while breathing in before the main exertion, that's all the warm up you need.

I do suggest that you can perform some simple full body exercises in Perfect Body, such as Hindu Pushups, Squats and Bridging, but ONLY to the extent that is warms and lubricates the body. That could be 30 for some people, it could be 5. It's up to you. Just make sure you're warm up ISN'T a workout.

I do some light yoga, and then crack right into my isometrics.

As for Project Drgaon, there are detailed notes on what to do. For the DFR's that's contained in the initial 2 minutes of the exercise that you are doing (e.g. if you're running you walk briskly for 2 minutes or so).

With the DSR's, again that's dependent on the protocol you are using and the warm ups are located in each protocol chapter.

Hope that helps,


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