The beauty of life, Dragons point of view

In different countries Dragon is a symbol of wisdom, strength and knowledge. Project Dragon is the kind of system, that gives me that answer I've been seeking for years - How does my body work and why? It allows one to understand onself as a unique organism capable of achieving tremendous goals and exploring this world from various and most interesting points of view of a healthy, strong and fit creature.

To raise ones head from routine lifes' problem and put a stop to general beliefs that ones life is an entire struggle for health in the world of pain and sickness, turning them into clear understanding of the fact, that we have this amazing life, full of joy and endless potential.

Searching for answers everywhere, we find the best ones inside of us. Your advice is always natural and most efficient. One of my friends once said, that if the system is truly complete, it is simple to be understood and clear to be taught. And it fully works. The human body is such system.

The more I seek, the more proof I find to this statement. And I really want to understand my body, to train it the way nature designed it to function, to enjoy raising it to a higher level.

To develop it instead of destroying and exausting. Your methods of explanation are most clear and full. You have my great respect. Not to many people are able to raise their knowledge to the level, when they can become true teachers for others. I'm very grateful to you for all the work, you're doing. I'd most grateful if you presented me with a copy of Project Dragon. This really is the knowledge I seek. Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom.

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