Sure but Not so Sure

by Andy Prado
(West Allis, Wisconsin, USA)

Hello Paul, I was impressed by the content conveyed in your Project Dragon fitness course and I surely realize the need for exercise and what it means to be fit and not so fit.
I have always worked out using almost everything imaginable, be it gadgets like a exergeni!, weights, isometrics, machines, you name it I probably tried it. This I have done since I was twelve years old. Unfortunately I am 60 years old and after all that working out (also martial arts training) my body just doesn't look like it has had much care and certainly needs attention!
What do I do now? I'm not sure. I have had through the years some injuries but I have always been able to work those things out until now because I tore my rotator cuff on both shoulders and can't afford to be out of work for the length of time it would take to rectify the situation. I can still do my job at work with some pain as I continue to do isometrics to keep my strength somewhat and after three years of this, I was told surgery probably would not help any longer. So I'm sure I need something to help me but not so sure of what it is. Hopefully it's your Project Dragon.
Thanks for the opportunity to watch your video and have a great day...Andy

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