by Stephen
(Oklahoma, United States)

Okay I'm definitely a believer in isometrics. I've gotten more muscles in 7 weeks than a weightlifting program for 2 years. The only thing I'm worried about if this is really going to make me very strong (like picking up heavy objects and people easily). I keep on having doubts about my strength because I still feel weak when doing a lot of heavy lifting like fridges, washers and dryers. Maybe I'm doing the workouts wrong or something? Or it might be time to move on to Project Dragon? I would love to be as strong as the men in your book and as strong as you are. Thanks for the reply, I always appreciate your help.

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Aug 04, 2011
On Building Strength
by: Paul from

Hi Stephen,

Strength comes from 2 places - first neurological, the second increased muscle. These two methods are the only manner in which you can get stronger. Both are developed through the Perfect Body Program.

Neurological strength essentially is a results of the nervous system becoming more efficient and letting you take better control over your muscles, leading to the recruitment of more fibers. You can read more on this here -

The second method of developing strength is in building better muscle. This occurs in 2 ways, increasing the sarcoplasm of the muscle, or thickening the actual muscle fibers. Isometrics, as taught in perfect body focus primarily on the thickening the fibers. This substantially increases the cross-sectional strength of the tissue, and trainees often see a huge increase in strength even before the size increases.

But this takes time to build, you must ensure you are getting enough rest and recover to allow the tissue to build, and that you are giving the muscle tissue the maximal stimulation when you train.

If you then follow safe and correct lifting technique you should have no problem moving heavy everyday objects such as tv's and fridges. (I have a tendency to lift couches with one arm) ;-)

Hope that helps,


P.S. - Project Dragon, can be great for those slow to develop using Perfect Body, BUT if you apply the techniques of Perfect Body and eat sufficiently to support growth and rest and recover, you will get there.

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