Still Fighting for Good Health

by Leona
(Hobart, Tasmania)

I have had a life time of health problems, pain, caused by physical emotional abuse, 5 car accidents none caused by me, plus the loss of my father to leukeimea at 47 followed by my marriage break up, blow to the head which caused loss of my hair, clot in leg caused by simple operation, clot went to my lungs, they collasped I heomeoraged, died on operating table, went down the tunnel and came back. If I didnt have my faith in the Lord I would not have survived.

Through it all I have been strengthend changed and a better person for it.

I think your programme is very well thought out, put together and very informative as well as great content, well done.

I dont know if this is the way to go for me but I really appreciate your time and input. I am trying to find my way through all the info on health out there its mind boggling. I just want to feel well again at the age of 61.

Thank you,


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