Reverse shoulder pullback and project dragon update

by Elmero

Dear Paul,

I've already purchased both 7 seconds to a perfect body and project dragon. Both these systems are amaazing. I was more than astounished, when my mothou sure know, how to layout the basic and most important principles, underlying body development and rejuvenation.

I have some trouble, understanding one exercise for the shoulders - the forth one in perfect body - reverse shoulder pullback. It seems to be clear - You do write the technique very accurate and full. But, when it comes down to performing - although I try to pull outside and back, bringing my shoulderblades together, I don't feel the back side of deltoids to contract, all I feel is my shoulderblades getting together and that's practically it. Could You help me?

Perhaps, this exercise can be performed some other way, or You know a spare one, that is easier to perform (the feel of the contracting muscle group is better)? Or You could make a video, showing how to perfom it correctly? Thank You.

By the way - It was also rather hard to contract the middle part of my shoulders equally in the side shoulder pull. So I've modified the exercise, using a flat strong rope - I hold it in front of me, my hands fully straight, distanse between my wrists is equal to the width of my shoulders, and I try to tear the rope apart by pulling it to the sides with straight arms.

I have to say, that the ammount of tention in the shoulders is greatly increased, especially, when I perform this exercise on 3 different levels - one very low, second - about 45 degrees and third - almost parallel to the has made a perfect pullup, after a couple of weeks training, and she's more than 50 years old!

Today, a letter from You arrived, saying You're planning to re-release project dragon. What new information is going to be there and are You planning to send an update to those, that have already purchased the older version? If You need confirmation - I can send You my password and login to project dragon.

Looking forward to hearing from You soon.

Many happy returns of the day.

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