Retrun to TKD

I'm a 47 year old, 3rd Dan in Taekwondo. My family are also there too. Daughter (14yrs) and son (12yrs) are 3rd Dans and my wife is a 2nd dan. My youngest (7 yrs) is a yellow belt - but everything s starting to click for him - it's all falling into place!

At aged 47 I'm gaining a bot of weight that I need to lose rapidly (having had a 2 year lay off). We've just set up a club - and believe it or not have 65 students - 60 of which are kids, so it's absolutely fantastic.

As with all kids they want to win medals - and that means competitions for both poomse (patterns) and Kyrougi (sparring). Training is going well, but I need to get myself into the ring too - have to set an example for the kids.

Any help I could get would be absolutely fantastic and really appreciated.



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