by Laurent M

Hi Paul,
In the forum Rest and Recovery you talk about the time between muscles group . How long should one rest between two exercises, say between the one biceps contraction and the two biceps contraction for eg ?
And then, when one starts working several muscles goup the same day, how long should one rest between each group ?
Thank you for your help,

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Sep 08, 2011
Rest between contactions
by: Paul from

Hi Laurent,

Both of these questions are covered in the Perfect Body book, but I'll clarify here.

In between contractions you have two options. If for instance, you are following the body part per day program and doing all the Neck exercises on Monday, you can do all of them sequentially, meaning you go to the first angle of the Forward Neck Press, breath in 3-4, contract 7-12, relax 3-4 secs, then move directly into the next angle position, and repeat. This creates the most intensity. The second option, and the one I recommend for beginners is to take 10 deep breaths between each contraction. The increases oxygen uptake to the muscles but decreases intensity. It also gives you time to mentally prep for the next contraction.

As regards working multiple groups as in the 49 day program the same options are there - do it sequentially, or alternatively take time to breath.

Personally I do them rapid fire style, taking as little time as possible between contractions. However that is for experienced trainees only.

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