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In Perfect Body I suggest 7 days off - however, I still believe in daily training, hence the reference to perform the exercises daily.

Each exercise in the book is designed to target a particular aspect of the a given muscle group. I recommend 2 training schedules in the e-book - either one muscle a day (thus 7 days rest between, the optimal time according to Little), or I muscle aspect a day (hence ideally performed every morning), again 7 days before the same exercise and section of muscle worked.

I find that because these exercises are so quick, that the habit of not doing them is too easy - hence daily training, but structured to allow for maximal recovery. Following either program you get adequate rest to recover and grow.

To expand on that a little more, the first training schedule is to train the Neck on Monday, Back on Tuesday, Chest on Wednesday and so forth, thus 7days between each body part to allow for recovery. Personally this is how I schedule most of my training.

The second scheduling method is to select an exercise for that body part per day as shown at the end of each muscle groups chapter. So for instance I may perform on

The Forward Neck Press (in all 3 positions),
All 3 Trap Exercises,
The Pec Low Border Builder,
The 7 Second Stomach Flattener,
All the shoulder exercises, and all the
Adductor Exercises.
The whole lot would be done in about 7-10 minutes
if not quicker.

Now on

Tuesday I'd do
The Rear Neck Press,
The Lat Exercises,
The mid Pec Boarder Builder,
the Vacuum,
All the Triceps Exercises,
and all Quad exercises.

In this manner I train every day, BUT it is 7 days between each aspect trained. So while I may be training my legs 7 days a week, I'm working the Adductor's (i.e. next Monday), the Quads on Tuesday (then another week before they get hit again), the Hamstrings on Wed.....see? One aspect once a week. Either per muscle group, or per exercise group just once. Does that make sense?

If you find your numbers are going over the recommended times in the book - it suggests that you may be taking too long for recovery between contractions - and that's absolutely fine if you need it. It's very important to recover, and needless rushing will only lead to injury - however, as you progress and get more comfortable with the movements you should find yourself closer to the times in the program. And yes the program, is very very intense - this is why in the first run though I only recommend people to try one muscle group over the course of a week to get used to it, it can be a bit much just diving straight in. Read over the introductory chapters to get a clearer idea of this.

Just in case there's any confusion with exercise selection there's also a 49 day program specialisation program included in Perfect Body to guide you.

Hope that helps,


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Jan 25, 2016
Training Frequnecy
by: Batman from

Hi, I cover rest and recovery in detail here -

There also several more detailed articles covering that topic on the site such as and

Basic summary -

If you're using sub maximal iso's you can train more frequently.

If using higher FG exhausting iso's train them once every 7 days or more.

If training skill based Iso holds, aim for every 1-2 hours.

If using calorie depletion iso's aim for daily or every 2nd day.

If you using CNS depleting Iso's once a week to once a month

If using Project Dragon level Isometrics once every 2-6 months is fine.

Hope that helps,


Jan 24, 2016
by: Anonymous

hi there
just a question about off days in the normal training Ie weight training or other methods they say train every other day for recovery can you use this method with isometrics some say every day some say have a day rest any views on this


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