Question about recovery on certain exercsises

by Tom

Hi Paul

I know that you stay on phase 1 until you need 14 days off of recovery to get to phase 2. My question is what would I do if certain exercises I need more than 7 days of recovery while others I keep making progress on 7 days? For example, all of my exercises keep improving except the shoulder press which stayed at the same time, so would that I mean I move it to every 8 days while keeping the other exerises to every 7 days? That would mean I'd have to go to the gym to perfom to just perform the shoulder press every 8 days.

Any advice?


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Nov 15, 2011
Additional Rest
by: Paul from

Hey Tom,

In this case, where just one body part is lagging it suggests it needs additional rest. Ideally, I'd add 3 days or so. If your doing once every 7 days, you'd do the shoulders once every 10 days, however I totally understand the inconvenience in having to go to the gym for one exercise, so try once every 14 days. Just skip the shoulder workout every 2nd workout and see how that goes for you.

If that doesn't improve it we'll take a closer look at your TUT for that exercise.

All the best,


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