Question about Maxick exercises

Hi Paul,

I find Maxick's book and exercises very interesting, but there are many things he omits in the book.

For instance:

- Should the exercises be done every day for every body part, or should we do, for instance, the arm exercises one day, then rest for 7 days?

- Is the breathing and contraction rhythm the same as with iso's? (3 seconds inhalation and contraction to maximum, 7 seconds exertion, 3 seconds exhalation and relaxation)?

- Should Maxick's exercises be done just once at maximum intensity, like normal iso's?

- Did Maxick use the exercises in his book to build muscle size and strength, or did he use other kinds of exercises for that?

Thanks very much!

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Nov 24, 2014
Max Sick The weight lifter NEW
by: Anonymous

Max Sick was an accomplished weight lifter in addition to muscle control.

Aug 17, 2011
On Maxick Exercises
by: Paul from


The Maxick stuff is a good,a supplement to the isometrics program and useful for active recovery after an PB Iso session. It's not essential but helps flush the muscles you've just worked with blood and jump start the recovery process.

The book isn't actually missing anything. Maxick actually taught the exercises via a long personal correspondence course. The Muscle control book is is simply a quick reference guide.

I find it best to use the Muscle control techniques to teach better muscle isolation for the perfect body course and in addition provide a nice cool down to increase recovery rates post PB workout.

Simply hold the positions recommend in the bonus section of Perfect Body of each muscle group with sub maximal tension (ie below the shaking point) for 7-12 seconds after you've done the PB workout for that group. The muscle should become pleasently warm.

There is no breathing rhythm other than your natural pattern. All Maxick contractions occur below 60% OF maximum and shouldn't tax the system. Therefore you can breathe as you normally would.

And yes, Maxick's size and strength came solely from practicing the techniques of his system, just like mine came from my system.

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