Protein drinks and milk

by Tom
(Hamilton, Canada)

Hi Paul

When you mix whey protein with a liquid, is it best to mix it with water? Also, what is your opinion on mixing it with milk or what's your opinion on milk in general? Is Skim Milk, 1%, 2% ok? etc.


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Jul 07, 2011
On Protein Shakes and Milk
by: Paul from

Hi Tom,

Firstly, I only recommend protein shakes if you absolutely can not get your protein from natural whole food sources. Whole foods always present a better choice than supplementation. There are a number of reasons for this, which I discuss in Project Dragon.

In regards to the shakes - you can mix them with a number of whole food products to create lovely shakes and smoothies. Mixing with water, milk, yogurts, oats, peanut butter, berries, etc can provide a variety of tastes, textures, and nutrition.

If however you want to lose fat and build muscle, then mixing with water is fine. If adding muscle and trying to increase calories you can use milk, yogurt, oats etc and flavor with healthy carbs and fats as necessary.

As regards Milk and dairy products - entirely separately from nutrition for fitness and sports, I would add once caveat - as you know I'm am also a Chinese medical consultant and in terms of TCM milk and other dairy products can cause a weakness of stomach digestion - leading to the accumulation of damp and phlegm - read water retention and body fat.

If then you are over weight, or have a tendency to retain fluid and fat, suffer from a slow metabolism etc then I'd avoid dairy products.

Hope that helps,



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