Project Dragon is the Next Big Thing in Pushing My Limits

by Tom Diamante
(Pflugerville(Austin), Texas, United States)

One day, while I was watching 300, I realized, I couldn't run a 5k, bench a hundred pounds or even curl an empty Olympic Bar with good form.

So I started "working out" and eventually got to the point where I could at least run a mile and do 50 push-ups, something to start on.
But then I got tired of it, not of working out, but from getting slow, if any results, so I started doing Gym Jones workouts, which shot my strength and endurance through the roof.

But then I went through that bodybuilder phase, you know, the one where you're ACTUALLY LISTENING to some steroid user telling you most guys don't target their rear delts with enough focus. This lasted about two months, sure, I got a little more definition, but my actual strength had completely halted.

I busted out of that rut with a few weeks of 5x5, I kept trying new things, and I found that I tended to have much more relative strength, fitness, and health then my gym rat counterparts.

I realized, whenever I had reached my best potential in a program(results started slowly), I would dump it, and go for something completely different, and always harder. I liked seeing people's faces when my workout had burned well over a thousand calories, in under an hour!

I savored that feeling when you push your body so hard it seems as though it will just snap, but instead, it gets stronger. I began to understand what functional training really meant, what it takes to win a fight, and that to really meet your true potential, you must change what you do, you have take what works, and rid yourself of what holds you back(hint: one arm smith machine wide grip upright rows.)

I believe that with Project Dragon, I will add another important tool and skill set in my never-ending quest to make myself into an unstoppable machine of strength and speed. Lately, I've been tied up and haven't had as much time for my gym(I had to create one in my garage, the locals didn't like the look of someone gasping while pushing human limits, as the soccer moms did curls with 5lbs dumbbells) so I figure this is the best time to test Project Dragon.

From what I've heard, this program will probably do for me what Gym Jones did, and give me knowledge I probably would've never gotten without it.

I think this will be the next big step in my journey to becoming a truly, amazing person, with your help.



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