Project Dragon is My Last Chance to get the body I've dreamed of!

by Jack

HI PAUL!!!!!

Oh my god man I am serious excited about this - I mean I was excited before but seriously the amount of info you've packed in to this progam is astonnishing. I watched the video walkthrough twice and I was seeing stuff I missed the first time!!!

Why do I need Project Drgaon - cause it could save my life bro. I'm fat. I'm not tv show crisis fat - but I'm getting there and I don't want to end up like that.

I don't want to stay the way I am.

I've tried the personal trainer route - for 6 years now - but all they make me do is jst walk for walk for hours on a treadmil and it does jack all. I lift a few lihs weights over head and that's it. It's not working and I'm desperate.

I read your case studies and I read your reprot and I was shocked and I was angry - I'd never seen someone do the maths on walking like that before - no wonder it didn't work. No wonder I'm still fat.

Paul I beleive that Porject Drgaon is my answer - I want to know why my body works the way it does - I'm willing to put in the study time and Im willing to work as hard as you need me too.

I want to be your next success story - I want to be Dragon Jack!

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