Project Dragon Forever!

by Dan Fitzgerald
(Bedford, Ohio)

Hey whats up Paul,

As a customer of your 7 seconds to a perfect body I liked the material and the well presented detailed documented facts. But I felt that something was missing in order to be a complete program. So, I found a martial art program that was very smart and I do mean smart brief description: body weight exercises alternated with sprinting segments ending with stomach work. Problem was it took me an hour each day time to do this type of workout. The results were great similiar to your metabolism being a ferret on caffeine! I would be very sore the next day which I would first stretch to relive the tension in my muscles and break up the lactic acid. Then I would start my warmup rope jumping or rebounding to warm my muscles up for martial arts training shadowboxing kickshadow boxing then weapon training. Then after this I would have to drive to the park and do this program outdoors fresh air moving my body through space and time very smart! But It takes a lot of time and I work 2nd shift and I dont eat processed foods so I have to make time to prepare my meals before I go into work. 2-10:30 So, upon hearing about a way to strengthen your heart, strengthen your muscles, strengthen your lungs all in 20 minutes a week I'am beyond words intrigued! I have become very lax in my park routine as of late but not because I lack discipline or hard work ethic, time is the main factor for me. The nutrition aspect isn't an issue for me I just need a no bs strength increasing time shrinking efficient program. I love sprinting so I would definitely still do that unless there is a way to susbstitute sprinting somehow with your program in 20 minutes a week? I don't know If I am the most deserving of your program but I know I want to see this material like yesterday no joking! And if the results you speak of are real then I got no problem doing a case study with you.


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