Project Dragon: Fitness RX

by R Dailey

I went back to school to improve my job outlook. During this time with interviews,tests,etc I found myself spending more than 10 hrs per day sitting at a computer or in transit to and from school.I have had from childhood(a result of fighting back into shape from life-threatening asthma) very strong legs. I was able to lift entire amount on any leg press machine at 168lbs bodyweight for several reps. And, I was able to lift almost entire load and move it with one leg for reps also. With drinking a gallon of milk per day to cover poor eating habits(time restraints,etc) and with sitting down after some time I am then 220lbs and for the first time as an adult my knees had pain. I immediately went after why this was (mother had gout,or increased weight aggravating joints,etc). I am looking to build up muscles and support around knees. And needless to say after babying my knees after soreness,pain,etc I want to make sure strength is still there and if not get it all back and then some. Because of pretty fair genetics I don't appear real fat except for some abdomen fat and most people see me as fit. But, this shape is not good for me. I know my knees can be healed (afer wrapping them with ace bandage no pain) so I can work on getting back to 100% health and be an example to others who have ran into rough positions. Bullworker and isometrics have been the reason I was not bullied at school and why I was able to excel at sports and why friends come to me for answers when injured. I am very excited about seeing Dragon program. Also, the fact that Bruce Lee used iso's makes it an even better connection. Thank you so much

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