Project Dragon Can Help Me Prevent a Heart Attack

by Dan Tokarz
(Oak Park, Illinois, USA)

I'm a 66 year old ex-soldier who went to jump school in the Army and considered myself in perfect shape in my 20's.

I would be honored to get the free copy because now I'm on Social Security and need this complete program of exercise, proper nutrition, proper breathing,and proper mind set for life itself.

I just lost a younger brother to cancer and another one is in bad shape due to a life of excessive drinking. I had bought the Charles Atlas dynamic tension course as a teenager to build muscle and look good.

But now at 66,feeling tired all the time and unable to lose the extra 25 lbs that I have put on, I'd like to quit smoking and have a nice lean functional body, and more importantly, a strong heart, strong lungs, and a healthy mindset. I have never seen such a comprehensive program.

Too many people are walking around with walkers or canes at my age. If I don't work a program like yours soon, I'll probably die of a heart attack or suffer a crippling stroke. With your program, I'd be looking good on the inside too!

Dan Tokarz

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