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by Anthony

Every great bodybuilding practiced a posing routine. That's isometrics basically. How come they didn't overtrain by doing weights plus all the poses and flexing?

Also do you think isometrics with weights is better for adding muscle size that ISOs without weights and just your body and solid objects?

The guys whose used jail bars to gain muscle was all they had, but do you think it was a gift for them to discover that weights are a hindrance and your body and some solid objects is all you need back in that day. Or do you think if those guys had weights back then they could have made better gains using ISOs?

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Jun 11, 2014
by: Anthony

For muscular size you mentioned progressive weight lifting with isometrics. What would progressive weight lifting mean. isometric weight lifting? Or full range? Someone wanting to compete in a natural bodybuilding comp could use PB alone? Is that possible to use PB As a way to maximize size gains before even going onto maxi metrics.

How would someone wanting just strength with minimal size traing with PB vs someone more after strength and size/ muscle development. Why does one need weights could one use immovable objects etc?

Jun 09, 2014
Forgot to answer the weights component of this question.
by: Anonymous

I am not big on biasing on one form of training. I never liked John e Peterson's vilification of weight training or his belief that you had to believe in Jesus Christ for a push-up to work for you. IF a plumber showed up to fix your pipes at home with only 1 tool a big hammer I think you would be wise not to let him near your plumbing!

That said isometrics, isokenetics, dynamic resistance training and loadless training all have their place. They are tools in your tool box and the goal should dictate what tool you use to get to that goal.

You could never be a great Olympic Weight Lifter with just isometric training. That is just one obvious example. Like wise all the isometrics in the world would not make you a great marathon runner.

For general fitness isometrics + body weight training is enough to get a person into better shape then 90% of the earths population. I think this is especially true if one made a circuit out of isometrics and body weight exercises.

Probably the ideal though for an athlete or someone wanting to grow their muscle to their max is to combine progressive weight lifting with different forms of isometrics and quasi-isometric/loadless training.No bad tools in terms of the differing forms of exercise just poorly used tools. Plus some tools have no place in fitness but do have a place in athletic training. Ballistics and plyometrics are not good tools for fitness no matter how novel they might seem to some but are great tools for elite level athletes.

Jun 09, 2014
Has to be the best fat burner around
by: Anonymous

I have had 3 surgeries on my right ankle and so many on my right knee that I got plastic surgery to remove the scars instead of a car. So that being said my surgeon made me promise not to run any more. I am not the ball room dancing type. So my cardio program is made up of posing non-stop for 15-20 minutes a night. I do not rest between poses and I breath the entire time no breath holding. I can keep my pulse at any level I wish by controlling intensity of the contractions.

I should add that some days I do more reps then other days with a slow constant building of the tension over the entire range. Some days I just get to the peak of the contraction and make it as tense as I can for a 5-12 second hold with very little ramp time.

When I do not hit the snooze button on my alarm clock I do this in the morning right after I roll out of bed and also before bed.I really have no need for regular conventional aerobics these days.

May 27, 2014
Posing and Jail
by: Paul from Isometric Training

Hey Anthony,

On posing, that's a great question, and one I allude to in Perfect Body. In the calf chapter I quote Arnold's comments on posing and the intense Isometric pump it produces.

Here's my answer - who's to say they weren't over training. Additionally, posing routines are performed after the main workout, as it will completely exhaust or depletes their reserves. It's very hard work as you know. ;-)

Finally, it is important to note that many (not all) but the majority of high level body-builders are taking medication, legal, prescribed or otherwise that facilitates faster recovery than most.

It's very hard for people to add size without having mastered the non weights versions, though it is possible, those gains however are limited. The weights free isometrics are far safer, and more efficient.

I think inmates are in prison for a reason and the discovery of isometrics in no way offsets the loss of personal freedom and liberty. They were in jail, often in horrible conditions. There is little lucky in that. ;-)

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