Peter F

by Peter Forbes
(England )

Bought the CC book and Dvds about 20 yrs ago when I was beat up from lifting heavy for years. I thought I was going to have to give up exercise, I was sore and stiff. Found Matt's website and followed that for years. Found I developed functional strength, endurance and flexibility. I was a solid 13 1/2 stone. After about 10 years, started doing other stuff like kettlebells and strength work and have become a bit stale, so starting to pick up CC again. Hope I have the same results as before. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it's good. The book on its own doesn't give much away about routines though, but I would imagine that you could find some on the Internet. Bridging work is great, you don't see that anywhere else really. Routines - Basically, pick one or a few exercises say for your pushing muscles, then do some for legs, then back and abs. Train every day. Minimum of 15 minutes. Full body, took me about 50. You don't have to do full body every day. I did get some of his other products. Not great production-wise but great content.

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