Overwhelmed with the number of exercises......

by Lisa T
(Ware, MA USA)

Hey Paul :)

I am having difficulty with starting the program due to feeling overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of exercises. Would you pick a few basic ones from each group and list them. Once I am comfortable with those I can slowly add the rest in.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Warmest regards


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Aug 25, 2011
by: Lisa

Thanks so much Paul, I was just reviewing the book when I got your post.

You've made it a lot less daunting for me. I'll post with my success story in a few weeks! You are a great inspiration. :)

Warmest regards,


Aug 25, 2011
Best Road for a beginner
by: Paul from Isometric-Training.com

Hi Lisa,

It's east to feel overwhelmed - this is one of the chief reasons I laid out the course in 7 body part breakdowns.

The easiest way to master and integrate the course material is to follow the guidelines in the Perfect Body Manual itself.

First master the breathing routine in chp4. Practice this daily. All strength comes from there and this will be the engine that will fuel your workouts.

The next step once your comfortable with that is to look at the neck. Start as slowly as you wish. You can simply practice just once exercise in each position a day, so for instance you could do the forward neck press Monday, the rear press Tuesday, the side press wed and so on.

Alternatively you could practice all the exercises in the Neck section once a week. Once you are comfortable with them you can move on to the next body part and repeat the process.

In that case then you would do all the neck exercises on Monday and the Back exercises on Tuesday. Alternatively you could do one neck exercise and one back exercise per day. Just work your way down the list. Taking each one at a time until you are comfortable.

It will take about 7 weeks to go through all the exercises in this manner and from there you can follow the guidelines in the "Rest and Recovery" post in this forum.

Hope that helps.


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