Once an Athlete - Twice a Stuffed Couch-Potato

by Mark
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

Back in the day I was a sought-after high school athlete – a pitcher. Both college scouts and pro scouts visited my games. I chose college. There I easily survived the grueling 4-5 hour practices – two-a-days on the weekends.

I was in fantastic shape. Unfortunately, a weird upper-back injury ended my career. Though out of competitive sports, I continued to stay in shape – though not in peak form. Things remained the same until I was married.

At this point I held an office job and began the sedentary ways of a married man working for a living. After a couple of years "vegging," I woke up to the realization that I had gotten out of shape. One morning I looked in the mirror and said, "Who are you?" I began exercising and eating right. My "program" saw several fits and starts, but finally I found some consistency. I gradually clawed my way back into fantastic shape – though my skill-level was gone.

My new regimen lasted for a considerable length of time. But, one day I became arrogant. As I played touch football with some "young punks," I intercepted a pass and while running it back for a touchdown, I decided to taunt them. So, as I approached the goal line, I twisted around to look at my pursuers and began to "high step" into the end zone. This was a mistake, because apparently I didn't know how to "high step," because I herniated a disk at L5-S1.

From there I began a precipitous decline in fitness for thirteen years. I am now vastly overweight, out of shape, and out of breath. I'm stiff, have no flexibility, and my joints hurt. And, to top it off, I have no energy. Beneath this flabby, bloated exterior is an athlete ready to emerge, but I have no road map. And, I don't have the energy to create a plan. I need a coach to "kick my butt" and get me back on the path of health. Project Dragon is just the ticket!

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Nov 02, 2010
Well written
by: BC

This seems well written to me.

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