On the Breathing Techniques

by Kim

Good morning my name is kim

My question is with the breathing exercise......in the instructions you say to go through the exercise then without relaxing the muscles repeat 10 times......how do I fill my stomach and body with air if I have my stomach held really tightly?

Thanks I want to be sure I do the exercise correctly, I have struggled with my weight and body shape my entire life and really just want to be health and hot!!

If you have any information or suggestions I would really appreciate it.....

I purchased your book at 6am this morning, I have many sleepless nights since all this and use to be a sound sleeper...

Thank you for all the time you have put into your work.....I feel excited to have found your information and hope we can stay in contact....

Thank you very much.

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Jun 28, 2011
Butt Tension?
by: Kim

Good morning Paul,

Thanks for the video it makes things so much easier for me, I am a visual person.

I have started doing the exercise...... the thing I find is that my but seems to tighten more than my stomach muscles and I find I hunch over while doing it, my stomach muscles are nonexistent! I’m not sure if I am getting the full benefit this way....

When will the rest of the video be complete? I would love to have that, I’ve been ready the book but I know I would feel more comfortable learning with the videos.

Thanks very much

Jun 28, 2011
Breathing Video Below! ;-)
by: Paul from Isometric-Training.com

Hi Kim,

It is perhaps a little tricky but there should be no problem inhaling when holding your stomach muscles in - it should not in anyway constrict your breathing. I could explain the breathing exercise to you in more detail but it would probably help you more to actually see it, right?

Well then, here's a link to a video demonstration from the video series I'm currently working on - hopefully this will clarify the exercise for you -

- The Isometric Stomach Flattener - http://www.borufitness.com/Secrets/Movies/Web%20Videos/ISF_WEB.wmv

This is taken form the video series for 7 Second Abs, and will feature on the upcoming 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body Video Series, enjoy the sneak peak. ;-)

It should help you get the breathing technique down. If anything isn't clear after watching the video, please let me know.

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