Nothing special, poorly illustrated

by Larry

I would say you have given what I believe to be a fair review.

While I will give Matt Furey credit for bringing many back around to focusing on body weight exercise, functional fitness, physical culture, I won't give him much credit for his writing and illustrative prowess.

It is a fact the exercises he pushes will do you good, however, it is painfully clear that Matt Furey is in it for the millions, evident by his offerings in the education of how he made millions.

His illustrations are really bad and the first time I opened combat conditioning I felt I'd been duped. My 6 yo daughter could have done a better job of putting together a book. Still, the exercises were what I was after, and got them poorly illustrated or not.

After I saw a video of him and heard him speak I really wasn't happy at the fact that I had some small role in helping him achieve his millions, even if it was just the cost of "combat conditioning"

Thankfully, it wasn't that expensive and I didn't opt for any of his other products.

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