Not All B.S.

by Edoardo Ravano

My name is Edoardo, from Italy.

I don't find all of this adversion toward Furey correct and personally I apreciated the Combat Conditioning book. It is still on an honor place in my library as it opened my eyes on a new dimension of strength training. The results gained through those exercises have been unbelievable and came like sunlight in the middle of a hurricane. Maybe the book has no A to Z instructions or colour pictures and nice drawings but it brings the reader to REAL results. Of course the books that came after Combat Conditioning where of a different structure but all of this opposing propaganda sounds like modern day scientists arguing about Thomas Edison saying that the lightbulbe was a poor invention or contemporary politicians about the Declaration of Indipendece had poor grammatical structure.
Matt Furey promoted and popularised old, supereffective practices that, like those advised by Brooks Kubik, risked to be forgotten into the go-no-where-fitness of today and for this reson the entire world of physical culture has a debt with him.
About the price: all the people that bought the book were not forced in opposition to their will. No one standing next to them with a gun pointed to their head. Those who put the exercises into practice loved the book. Those who were seeking for a good reading were disappointed.
Matt Furey found a goldmine and after his success all the following authors arrived in a hurry doing all they could to get their peace of the cake. In my book this is labled ENVY

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