Mixed feelings about Matt Furey

by Todd

My experience with Furey's products dovetails pretty well with your own. I estimate I've spent $200 - $300 on Furey's products, and they're not worthless; they do offer some helpful, and sometimes innovative, exercise techniques for strength and flexibility. However, I find them overpriced, and the promotional material for them over-promises.

Many of Matt's techniques are standard fare you can find elsewhere for less (e.g., a number of exercises in Combat Abs). At least one of his DVD's I have is simply a video recording of flexibility exercises demonstrated at seminar (exercises which are also available in other sources); financially, this is a nice arrangement for Matt as it provides him two revenue streams from one task performed, but the presentation format suited for a small personal audience isn't as helpful as it could be to a home video viewer.

Regarding Matt's own physical attributes - his flexibility is impressive, but (again IMHO) he too readily dismisses the risks of a back bridge for some people. Also, he does start huffing and puffing fairly quickly when performing exercises that are just moderately taxing.

I like the publicity Matt gives to exercises based upon Eastern energy principles, but again I think he over-promises regarding the benefits.

Matt is a talented internet marketer, and perhaps some of his material on running your own business (which I haven't seen) could be helpful to someone interested in doing that. The caveat I think is that Matt seems willing to diminish his own credibility for the sake of making a sale, and you need to understand your own values well to make a clear choice regarding whether that's the way you want to make a living.

This is a really well-designed web page to exchange this kind of information. Thanks to all responsible for the great setup.

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