Micro Contractions

by Andrew

Hi Paul, do you know if it would be possible gain strength at a similar rate as PB, doing similar isolated, static exercises every day, if the contraction time was 1 second, or less, for 7 sets per exercise? I'm thinking the contraction time is less than would be required to completely deplete ATP, and that the duration between of sets being less than 1 second would be more than enough for ATP re-synthesis. What are your thoughts on this?

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Apr 08, 2019

by: Batman from Isometric-Training.com

Great question Andrew. And yes it is entirely possible. Studies showed substantial gains in strength and growth could be achieved with a 1/4 second isometric contraction.

I recommend a 7-12 second contraction because the majority of people starting these exercises cannot produce a full muscular contraction. Even with the best of intentions and trying their hardest most will only produce an 80% contraction so a few additional seconds are recommended. Many students when starting CANNOT engage the maximal number of fibers straight off the bat and require upwards of 5 seconds to build to that contraction. Hence my recommendation.

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