Matt Furey's Fitness Products

by Jon

I have also purchased these two books and several of Furey's DVD programs. I thought much of the information was good and I have incorporated some of the exercises into my own routine. I had never done Hindu Squats before and I have to say that if you can work up to doing a few hundred of them, you have definitely improved your cardiovascular system. I noticed that I could easily walk up six levels of stairs without breathing heavy after incorporating Hindu Squats into my leg day routines. So I do see the benefits of what Furey teaches. My advice is to use Furey's material in the same way that Bruce Lee used any kind of exercise information that he could find. Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and make whatever you absorb your own. Some of Furey'S information has been helpful to me and so I do use it on my exercise routines, so for me it has been worth it.

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