Matt Furey Taken Down

Upon watching Matt Furey's videos and reading his books my first suggestion is never purchase these unless you need a good laugh. Save your money folks.

The videos are made in his living room with a home camera from probably the late 80's. The video and audio quality is truly terrible. I have seen better production from junior high school students.

Some of the exercises Mr. Furey is not even able to fully perform for example the full sumo squat. His cardiovascular system seems to be severely lacking as he is breathing hard after sometimes just a few repetitions of an exercise. Like I read in another review this sometimes makes it difficult to understand him through his panting.

As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and martial arts specializing in Medical Qigong I sadly must report that Mr. Furey's understanding of Qigong and energy are a complete and total joke.

This being said Mr. Furey is quite flexible and muscularly strong and the exercises he shows are not without merit however he demonstrates them poorly and I am concerned that those inexperienced and practicing at home might seriously hurt themselves. For those of you that have experience if you purchase his materials you will be laughing at yourself.

Now on Mr. Furey's mind programs I will merely say this he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I would not normally say something like this about another person especially publicly but he is ripping people off big time. Go with NLP, Richard Bandler and or BrainSpeak programs which are all highly effective and quite potent.

All in all Matt Furey, Combat Conditioning, Stretching and all his other works get two thumbs down.

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