Matt Furey is a Disappointment

by Jim Wyatt
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I purchased Combat Conditioning about 4 years ago. I was dismayed at the lack of real detail, the poor quality of the photography, and the continual self aggrandizement found within the pages. There was no conveyance of information that was not either:

1. Previously paid for; or
2. Hawked in another fashion for more money.

I watched one of his videos. I was hard pressed to find the point. It seemed to me that there was a lot of rambling and it seemed as if he felt he was a great swami of some kind. I found him to be befuddled, yet, very full of himself. Wisdom is not found in telling people how great you are, it is found in discovering how great others are.

Over all, a great disappointment, and after seeing his video, I cancelled my membership to his "email" messages.

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