Many typos

Hello. Thanks for sharing so many great things on your site!

While looking through the site I've been distracted by so many typographical errors and I'm wondering if you'd like me to point them out to you so that they can be corrected. While I know that it's likely a result of wanting to share your knowledge quickly when you've got so much else to do I'm afraid that there are many other people who will judge it as carelessness and be turned off to your program, even if it's not conscious.

This morning I was doing some Isometric exercises, something I've known about for a very long time but go through periods of forgetting to do them and becoming loose again and I realized that there are so many people struggling to get fit and stay fit who are totally unaware of Isometrics. I decided to search for a good site to share with them and after looking at many (I think I've spent about two hours on it now!) I've realized that yours is the best, so thanks again!



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