Lookinfg for help!!!

(Savannah Georgia)

I'm 45 years old 5' 6'' tall and about 150lbs. I have broad shoulders but very skinny legs. I played football and ran track growing up and through weight training was always lean and muscular but never ever able to weigh more than 169 lbs.
The heavy lifting left me with pain in my shoulders and i have not seriously worked out in six years. people that know me look at my body and ask me what happened? About a week ago my own wife said to me that i needed to workout because i was looking puny. I played it off and smiled but it hurt so deeply. I have become self conscious about my body and my clothes no longer look good on me. Where i use to get compliments i now get the "wow you have lost alot of weight".
I know my eating habits have been bad and my schedule has been very busy but truthfully i have lost the motivation i once had. I don't know how to get started again. I have become so discouraged that i just can't seem to get started again. I start and stop start and stop again.
All that i want is a lean but very muscular body with a high degree of funtional strength, oh i forgot to mention i'm a former police officer and currenly doing private investigation work. My biggest fear is that i may get into a situation where i need to protect my family and can't due to me not being in shape. I truelly need help because all motivation is gone. I'm looking for something that really works. CAN YOU HELP ME?

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